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Target Meister Gets a Facelift at 9 Months Old

By Clint Pachl — November 05, 2009

The Target Meister's image (homepage and logo) has been looking dismal for quite sometime. Somebody needed to shoot this beast in the head and put it out of it's misery about eight months ago. Well..., nobody did any shooting; however, I did pull out a keyboard and a mouse and get this pig looking halfway decent.

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Dirty Harry Target Stand Sells Like Hot Cakes

By Clint Pachl — October 01, 2009

The introductory pricing for the Dirty Harry target stand inevitably came to an end on October 1. During the intro period, it was a hot seller. In the month of September, every 2 out of 3 stands sold was a Dirty Harry.

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New Product Release: Rowdy Yates Target Stand

By Clint Pachl — August 19, 2009

We are fired up to announce the release of the Rowdy Yates Target Stand! This is our third target stand offering. It's considered the little brother to the Dirty Harry Target Stand because of its similar, albeit lighter weight, design. The Rowdy Yates is an extremely versatile target stand, permitting numerous target configurations for one or more shooters.

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Opening Our Virtual Doors to Business

By Clint Pachl — April 07, 2009

Target Meister was conceived on the morning of December 1, 2008 after a provocative target stand conversation with the Big Kahuna (Paul) during the Thanksgiving holiday. Over the next few months, Jen, my parents (Patti and Paul), and I perfected the design and fabrication process of our first target stand. We profusely tested every prototype. Jen and I found suppliers, explored advertising avenues, and started slowly getting the word out. During my free time, I custom built the website. Several months passed and we were finally ready to go live!

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We're in Beta!

By Clint Pachl — April 05, 2009

Are we not always in beta? Anyway, this is the first post to my written-from-scratch blog software. It's 5:30 in the morning and my eyes are bugging out of my head. I will wake up in about 8 hours and finish writing this post. It will have some good stuff, I promise!

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