Target stand showing bullet holes in shields

Target Meister Stand shot with 10 rounds of .243 FMJ at a piercing 3,200 fps from 9 meters out; and yet it remains functional.

Bulletproof Target Stand

Warranted for 33 Years—Or You Get a Free Replacement

One misplaced shot can destroy virtually any target stand. But not the Target Meister, as demonstrated above; the stand was shot 10 times and yet is 100% functional.

The Target Meister Stand is bulletproof because it’s built like an armored battle tank.

The stand has been designed with the same principles used to protect armored tanks from high-explosive anti-tank warheads. The Target Meister armor system safely disintegrates and diverts high-velocity, large-caliber rounds, even at close range, thus protecting the stand’s critical components.

Our customer Scott Ramsey, a Federal Firearms License & Special Occupational Taxpayer (manufacture / import / transfer) in Las Cruces, NM, stated for the record:

It seems that every manufacturer makes claims that his product is superior. So rarely is it true, or even remotely close to true, that most of us discount claims made regarding a product right up front. I can honestly say your Target Meister stand is an exception.

The Target Meister target stand is as functional as it is durable. It adjusts to any size target, or even multiple targets. It’s portable so carrying it down range 300 yards isn’t an endurance test. And setup is simple and quick—about the same time it takes to load a couple of 15-round magazines.

Being a range master I am use to training LEOs and shooting on some of the best range equipment around. With that being said, your portable Target Meister Stand is outstanding. I love how easy it is to set up and take down, it is very stable.

Sgt. Mike Herring, Range Master
Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

Target Meister, LLC warrants all of this durability and functionality for 33 years. If the stand becomes nonfunctional during the warranty period for any reason, we will replace it for free; no questions asked.

Our Warranty Is Bulletproof

We will replace
ONE stand per year
per customer
for 33 years.

Why do we offer this generous warranty?

Because, as a firearms instructor, you depend on your stands—critical components of your training process. Your mission is to forge marksmen. Let us support your mission because it parallels ours: “Increase the number of proficient shooters in the USA.”

You require reliable tools; assets that keep profits in your pocket. Our warranty gives you that. You seek equipment that makes your process smooth and efficient and reflects your professionalism. Rely on Target Meister Stands. Avoid class interruptions and downtime and replacement expenses caused by other stands that fail in the field.

If you are a private shooting instructor, a law enforcement trainer, or you qualify military service members, the Target Meister is built for you.

How can we assert such a warranty?

Because the Target Meister stand has proven to be bulletproof since its inception 12 years ago. It’s been used and abused by over 30,000 shooters (that we know of) of all marksmanship levels from the Navy, Marines, Army, FBI, DHS, and Secret Service.

After years of heavy use on a Navy qualifying range in San Diego, Tom Augustine, U.S. Navy Range Manager, wrote us:

I just want to tell you that the target stands the U.S. Navy purchased from Target Meister have worked out very well. They have proven to be a tough, durable answer to our needs.

The Target Meister Stand will serve you for decades under heavy fire. See how the armor system makes the stand bulletproof. Then check out our 33‑Year Warranty Policy to see how you’re insured against any accidents that would otherwise cost you.

60-Second Setup

target stand set up
The stand setup and ready for target practice

Set up the stand in 4 steps—no tools required.

I wanted a stand that was stable in the wind and compact enough to be easily transported to the range. I got that in spades. 15 to 20 MPH winds seem to have no noticeable effect on a full size IPSC target. And the shims keep the uprights rock solid! The concept of the two bases joined by a removable 1x2 makes them a prayer answered for transport and setup is so simple my in-laws could do it.

Scott Ramsey, FFL/SOT
Las Cruces, NM

Made in America for American Patriots

Target Meister is a traditional American-made, overbuilt product. Every component of a Target Meister Stand is made in the USA. When you buy Target Meister Stands you put Americans to work, not just at Target Meister, but at our suppliers across the United States.

Target Meister Stand is made in America

A welder friend of mine saw your stand and said the quality of workmanship was top notch and for the price was an outstanding buy.

Thanks for making a quality “Made in the USA” product.

I’m also a retired police Lt. from Montebello PD, in CA… been a firearms instructor for more than 30-years and this by far is a superior stand…

Michael Higashi, Ret. Lt.
Montebello PD
La Mirada, CA

Founding Target Meister

Before the days of Target Meister, inexperienced shooters annihilated my target stands. This drove me [Clint] to research better designs. The continuous improvements (Kaizen) over many years evolved a tough and versatile target stand.

The current version of the Stand (previously known as the Dirty Harry Target Stand) was first manufactured in Arizona in 2008. After 12 years the stand continues to be manufactured in Arizona by Americans.

Battle tested by American Patriots

Many Target Meister Stands have survived for 12 years in brutal U.S. military environments: Navy warships, corrosive coastal Marine bases, and the coldest Army ranges in Alaska. The Naval Academy in Annapolis has trained thousands of students on Target Meister Stands since 2017. Hundreds of private instructors reap value from the stands—from national grocery chains with in-house security to military contractors.

My LLC is Justified Defensive Concepts, I am partners with an S Corp: Green Ops. We have been providing training in 4 - 6 hour blocks in the Northern Virginia area at local indoor ranges for the last 5 months. …

Target Meister stands allowed us to operate efficiently with easy set up, total reliability and easy take down.

Great product. We will be needing more target stands and we will certainly buy them from you.

The stands have been built and battle tested in the USA and are ready to work for you.

Target Meister’s 100×3 Guarantee

We guarantee the Target Meister Stand will be functional, easy-to-use, and provide a lifetime of service for you—insured by our 33‑Year Warranty. Upon purchase you are entitled to our 100×3 Guarantee:

  1. Test the Target Meister Stand under your conditions for 100 days.

  2. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, return it.

  3. We will refund you 100 percent and pay return shipping.

Order a stand or two; it’s completely risk-free to you. And if you decide to return a stand for any reason, you can expect:

We’ll just thank you for giving us the opportunity to try to earn your business.

I was looking at a BUNCH of different manufactures and decided to bite the bullet so to speak and pay a little more for what I perceived to be a better stand, and I was DEFINITELY right!. Not only are the stands way above what I expected, but the CS you, and your company have provided is absolutely top notch!

I’d like to have your permission to link your website… I am now an EXCLUSIVE user of Targetmeister stands!!!

In the current configuration for my students (I limit to 4 per class so they get the individual attention they expect and pay for), I am using the Target Meister stands at basically 72” wide to accomodate 3-4 targets for multi-target engagement as well as limiting down time in setting up more targets… In the future however, I will be buying more stands to do multi-distance/multi-target engagements for some of my more advanced students.

I will start pointing other instructors and active IDPA/USPSA shooters to your site to get stands and such…

David Polsley, Owner / Chief Instructor
CCC Training, Tactics & Consulting
Garden Grove, CA

Upgrade to Bulletproof Target Stands Now

Are you one who prefers reliable, predictable, quality products that just work—no fiddling? Then upgrade your training program with:

Target Meister logo —————————————————————
Built Like an
Armored Battle Tank:

I have tried 7 other stands over the last 10 years, nothing is reliable. … any part of the target stand that can be shot, will be shot! I think you have seen this and built the world’s best target stand. I think you designed a great product that is well worth the money!

Charles Weakland
Las Vegas, NV

If you’re ready to train precision shooters or zero rifles, there is no paper target stand on the planet that is as portable or indestructible. The Target Meister Stand is an upgrade—and a wise investment. Keep reading to see why. Or get your stands now.

How much to upgrade?

First, let’s compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a competitor’s offering to Target Meister’s. The results may surprise you.

We’ll use the following scenario to make the assessments:

  1. You start a high-end firearms business; your bread and butter for the next 20 years.
  2. Your training program requires 10 targets.

Assessing the competition

You decide on a basic stand for $50; it’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done in a pinch. The acquisition cost includes a shipping fee of $7 per stand.

These stands are made of light gauge steel and have a thin spray paint finish. Therefore, errant shots and rust are this stand’s enemies. If your training business is a success, you can expect to replace 8 of these stands over a 15–20 year period. However the same stands will be more expensive in the future, thanks to the Federal Reserve’s 2% target inflation rate—if you’re lucky.

You replace 4 stands after 10 years and another 4 at year 20. Using time-value of money, let’s calculate the inflation costs.

10-year inflation cost:
$57 × [(1 + 0.02)10 - 1] = $12.48

20-year inflation cost:
$57 × [(1 + 0.02)20 - 1] = $27.70

Now that we have numbers, let’s do some back-of-the-napkin math to find the total cost of ownership of these stands.

Acquisition cost:
($50 + $7) × 10 = $570.00

10-year replacement cost:
($57 + $12.48) × 4 = $277.92

20-year replacement cost:
($57 + $27.70) × 4 = $338.80

Total cost of ownership:
$570 + $278 + $339 = $1,187

The competitor’s $50 stand will cost you $118.70 during your time in business.

But what if you have another 10 or 20 years left in the tank? Then your loss only grows worse—like a cancer that devours your healthy profits.

This cost of ownership doesn’t account for the time or revenue lost to overcome a failed stand. You may research higher quality stands or be forced to cancel classes. You will certainly burn your time reordering replacements. You must also consider these expenses if you value your time.

The Target Meister Assessment

Using the same “firearms business” scenario, let’s examine the Target Meister offer.

The Target Meister is adjustable and can accommodate 2–4 shooters, unlike the competing stand. Therefore you determine that only 8 stands are required instead of 10.

After 20 years of bombardment by blizzards of bullets, 2 stands are KIA and require replacements. To replace Target Meister Stands, you just pay actual shipping charges. The estimated cost of shipping in 20 years is $10.40 per stand (adjusted for inflation).

For only $40 dollars more than the cheap stand above, you can get a superior stand. Let’s crunch the numbers.

Acquisition cost:
($90 + $7) × 8 = $776.00

20-year replacement cost:
$10.40 × 2 = $20.80

Total cost of ownership:
$776 + $21 = $797

Target Meister vs. Competition

  Competition Target Meister
Quantity required 10 8
Acquisition cost $570 $776
Defect rate @ 20 yrs 80% 25%
Replacement cost $617 $21
Replacement cost/TCO 52% (poor) 2.6% (great)
TCO $1,187 $797
TCO comparison 49% more 33% less
Savings $0 (sad) $390 (happy)

The competition’s $50 stand costs you more in the long run—49% more! A capital investment in Target Meister adds valuable equipment to your balance sheet and saves you $100s in replacement expenses.

Plus, there are still 13 years remaining on the 33‑Year Warranty in our 20‑year scenario. If we were to continue, the scenario becomes bleak for the competitor; so we won’t bother.

As soon as you replace a competitor’s stand you’re losing.

The more stands you buy or the longer you’re in business, the worse it gets if you don’t own Target Meister Stands. Mathematically, Target Meister is the definitive winner.

For virtually every other stand on the market, holding gun targets down range—under heavy fire—is a suicide mission. One errant shot, perhaps from a new shooter, can cripple your training session. Only the Bulletproof Target Meister Stand is engineered, overbuilt, and warranted to withstand such an onslaught. Assaults on target stands is our business; we’ll cover you.

Order Target Meister Stands

Your stands will ship by the end of the business day.

Clint, I would like to take the time to thank you and your fantastic company for the old fashion American dream service on my order. The order was processed in lighting speed. I just recieved my target stands … I am totally completely impressed with every detail of my order. the process was simple the order was shipped almost immediately, the packaging was very professional.

The Target Meister target stands are extreme quality well thought out for ease of use. This stand can be adapted to almost any configuration any shooter can imagine. As a firearms instructor I can set these stand up for a multitude of situation drills for my students. they are so easy to transport to and from the range. easy to set up and take down. all I can say is Bravo! a professional target stand designed by shooters for shooters. You can be sure I will recommend Targetmeister stands to every student and fellow instructors that demand the very best.

Thank you for the very best target stands I have owned in 30 years. Thank you for being a super great American company that legally armed Americans can look to for quality and service.

Louie Stowel
Fort Myers, FL

… The company team is absolutely customer service oriented and follow through every step of the way during your purchase. They regularly ask for customer feedback and new ideas on how to improve the product from the shooters perspective. I have purchased multiple stands for family members and myself and I absolutely enjoy using them. The best part is when people at the range wonder about where someone like me found such a quality product. The stands are not just painted, they are powder coated and can withstand a lot of abuse.

I would recommend this product to any and every shooter who is looking to enhance his or her shooting experience. Best of all these stands are Made in America, its a small business owned by Americans who are employing Americans. We need people like these who create jobs and companies like these with excellent customer service to advance our country.

Fort Collins, CO

Target Meister

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