About Target Meister

Target Meister manufactures the “Bulletproof Target Stand”—the most reliable and useful paper target stand ever designed.

Our Mission

We to help you, our gun-loving customer, acquire the skills necessary to perfect your aim of attack.

Whether you’re protecting your family from intruders or defending our country from terrorists, we have the <a href=/store>tools</a> to help you train for your mission.

Constantly challenge yourself and hone your marksmanship because, if it ever comes down to it, you’ve only got one shot—make it count.

Our History

Target Meister was founded in 2008 as a manufacturer of target shooting equipment. Our factory is located in Arizona’s beautiful and rugged Sonoran Desert.

From the beginning, Everything we sell is made in the USA by Americans.

The Founder

family photo in the forest
L2R: Simone, Clint, Jen, Mom, Paul
Prescott National Forest in Arizona

I’m Clint, the top brass in this outfit. My two partners are Jen and Paul, who just happen to be my girlfriend and dad. We are passionate shooters who strongly believe it is our fundamental right to keep and bear arms and that our nation’s well-being depends upon it.

When I grew up in North Dakota, we used guns for hunting and recreation. Because there are no bad guys in ND—it’s too cold for them, plus we have Canadians for neighbors—self-defense was not a priority.

Today we live in Arizona’s Wild West desert where drug and human smuggling is commonplace. Therefore our focus has changed a bit. We not only practice for fun, but for self-defense.

We are cool and open-minded people. Please feel free to contact us about any issue or idea you have. We love hearing from fellow shooters.

How did it all begin?

TARGET MEISTER was conceived during Thanksgiving vacation in 2008. This is the story about how we got to that pivotal moment.

The Prelude

My Dad and I have been shooting all our lives. I can remember nailing a big piece of plywood to a fence post in my grandpa’s pasture, stapling on a target and calling it good. It wasn’t until I moved to Arizona and started shooting at the local city range that we needed a portable and easy to use target system. At first, we would swing by the dumpsters at the mall and find a box to tape our targets to.

The Evolution

One day I decided to construct a target stand utilizing the spare wood in the garage. Novice shooters at the range would usually blast the hell out of my wooden target stand, eventually leveling it. We’d pick up the pieces and head for home; the fun was over. It was back to the proverbial target stand drawing board. This spawned an evolutionary target stand fabrication process, where every successive stand was more robust than its predecessor against those bungling gunslingers.

The Genesis

Somewhere along the line, Paul made the first PVC stand prototype. It was extremely portable, modular, and repairable in the field. Looking back now, that prototype was the inception of Target Meister. Because of the stand’s field repairability, no longer would a bad shot send us packin’.

The Realization

Because we build such bad ass target systems, guys and gals at the range constantly ask, “where did you get that stand?” or “where can I buy one?” I finally decided that we need to make our stands available to these inquisitive gun toters.

The Reality

Too many guys are shooting at boxes of rocks, their husbands’ home entertainment centers, five gallon pails of sand, and beer cans. If you’re at all serious about shooting and firearm safety, you need a bitchin’ target system from Target Meister. Our target systems will help you fine-tune your marksmanship skills, whether you are shooting for self-defense, competition, law enforcement, hunting, or just for fun.

The Future

We are always dreaming up cool and innovative target systems that challenge our shooting skills. Currently, we are developing a moving target system that will test a shooter’s target acquiring ability, which is extremely vital for law enforcement, self-defense, and, of course, the die hards. Die hards are these guys that go to the range in full camo paint and gear and are ready for guerilla warfare at the drop of a dime. Yeah, we even make target systems for those characters.