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Dirty Harry Target Stand Sells Like Hot Cakes

October 01, 2009

By Clint Pachl

The introductory pricing for the Dirty Harry target stand inevitably came to an end on October 1. During the intro period, it was a hot seller. In the month of September, every 2 out of 3 stands sold was a Dirty Harry.

craftsmanship in every target stand

The regular price is now only $75. This is an amazing amount of target stand for the dollar. The Dirty Harry is the ultimate target stand when it comes to versatility and durability. It will perform to task for decades and be the best $75 you ever spent. It may quite possibly be the last target stand you ever need to buy, but we hope not.

On to the gushy stuff... We would like to thank all of our customers who got in on the Dirty Harry intro action. We are grateful that you allowed us to earn your business. We are also ecstatic for all the positive feedback we received about the design of the stand. Thanks for making the Dirty Harry target stand a success. We hope you enjoy your stands and use them proudly!

Now that the excitement is over, we can all get back to work. You can head to the range, or whatever it is that you do, and we will continue cranking out Dirty Harry stands with cunning craftsmanship.