Target Meister Policies

  1. 33-Year Warranty
  2. 100×3 Guarantee
  3. Returns & Refunds
  4. Your Privacy
  5. Shipping Info
  6. Order Cancellations
  7. User Agreement

Target Meister, LLC (“us”, “we” or “our”)

33-Year Warranty

We will replace
ONE stand per year
per customer
for 33 years.

Each customer who purchases a “Target Meister Stand” at shall be entitled to our 33-Year Warranty.

Your warranty period begins on the date of your first purchase, regardless of quantity or subsequent purchases. If a stand becomes nonfunctional—for any reason—you may invoke the warranty once per year until the end of your 33‑year warranty period.

To invoke the warranty, submit evidence (e.g., picture or video) to to prove your stand is nonfunctional; or send the decommissioned stand back to us at your own expense. Also include your proof of ownership, such as order ID or receipt. After we confirm your evidence, we will ship you a brand new Target Meister Stand; you just pay the standard ground shipping fee at the current rate.

Our “33-Year Warranty” is a new policy in 2021; it is valid beginning January 1, 2021.
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100×3 Guarantee

We guarantee the Target Meister Stand will be functional, easy-to-use, and provide a lifetime of service for you—insured by our 33‑Year Warranty. Upon purchase you are entitled to our 100×3 Guarantee:

  1. Test the Target Meister Stand under your conditions for 100 days.

  2. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, return it.

  3. We will refund you 100 percent and pay return shipping.

See Return Policy & User Agreement for details.

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Return Policy

You never risk a cent when you buy from Target Meister.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, even after real-world use and abuse, initiate a return within 100 days of the original order date. We will not judge you, ask you questions, or try to sell you anything else. We will only thank you for the opportunity to try to earn your business and issue you a full refund, including shipping. We will even pay for return shipping!

Our return policy is applicable only to our customers who have purchased directly from or a Target Meister employee.

How do I return a product?

  1. Securely repackage all return items in their original box and packaging.

  2. E-mail us the details of the return.

    • Include the order number and the names of all return items and quantities.

    • We encourage you to divulge reason for your return, as we strive to never make the same mistake twice. However, you have the right to remain silent.

  3. We will e-mail you a free pre-paid UPS return shipping label within 48 hours. Print it.

  4. Tape the return shipping label over the original shipping label on the shipping box (or remove the original label).

  5. Drop it off at your nearest UPS Shipping Center.

When do I get my refund?

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Privacy Policy

What information do you collect?

We collect information you communicate to us via phone, text message, email, web, and postal mail. When placing an online or phone order, you must provide your:

How do you use my information?

Your information is recorded so that we can:

Is my private information safe?

First, we manage our own dedicated servers within our secure network running security-focused operating systems. We do not use shared hosting or cloud services. Our front- and back-end systems are custom developed by us with security as the primary objective. We have complete control of and sole physical access to our systems, which is rare these days.

We collect the minimum information required to effectively process and ship your order. We only provide compulsory information to our service providers 1,2 to assist in fulfilling your order.

Your financial information (i.e. credit card number) is never stored on our servers. It is only stored as a secure token by our payment processor, which is a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant service provider.

We do not and will not sell, exchange, transfer, or give your information, whether public or private, to any other entity for any reason. Period.

¹ Braintree
credit card processing
² United Parcel Service
carrier/shipping service

Will you send me cookies?

We only send one first-party cookie (the tastiest and safest kind) to record web browser session information, such as items you add to your shopping cart.

Surfing with web browser cookies disabled is equivalent to visiting our site anonymously. Like most websites, if you disable cookies, some services, including the shopping feature, will not function properly. However, if you must have cookies disabled, you can place your order via telephone or e-mail and send us a good-old-fashioned paper check.

We use cookies to:

Is my order secure from hackers?

Our entire site, including the checkout system, is 100 percent secured using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocol. That means the bad guys cannot eavesdrop or steal your private information during the checkout process.

You can verify that your connection to is encrypted and secured by clicking on the site lock icon in your browser—indicated with a padlock.

Tip: never send private information, such as credit card numbers and passwords, using e-mail.

Can I opt-out out of communications with you?

After placing an order with us, we feel it’s good business practice to follow-up with our customers. We want to ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied with your purchase and will help resolve any problems you may have. This may equate to 1 or 2 emails within 100 days of your purchase.

But if you’d rather not be bothered, please let us know and we will purge you from our system. At that point, you will never hear from us again—guaranteed. Your bits will be redirected to /dev/null.

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Shipping Policy

Our shipping service provider is UPS™. We maintain an exclusive relationship with them to obtain the lowest shipping rates possible. The savings is passed on to our customers.

All customers must pay for standard ground shipping. Currently, there are no provisions for expedited or special shipping services.

When will my order ship?

Virtually 100 percent of all orders placed before 2 p.m. MST are shipped the same business day. Orders placed after that time and on weekends will ship on the next business day.

How long does shipping take?

Orders ship UPS Ground™. Transit time is 1–6 business days. All orders originate in Arizona. Orders destined for Arizona take 1–2 business days. Neighboring states as far as California and Texas take 3–4 days. Florida to Pennsylvania are 4–5 days. And the New England states will take 6 days.

How is my shipping cost calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated in real-time during the shopping process. After you enter your ZIP code into our online shopping cart, our software queries a UPS server for your exact shipping cost. The cost of shipping is based on your ZIP code and the total weight of all items in your cart.

What if merchandise is damaged in transit?

Customers must refuse to accept damaged product deliveries from carriers. However, if the damaged delivery is accepted or just left by the carrier, the customer must:

  1. Document the damage so that we may file a claim with the carrier. Pictures of the damage are very helpful.

  2. Save, as is, the merchandise and the original box and packaging it arrived in.

  3. Notify us with your damage report and order number within three days of the delivery date.

If we receive no report within three days of delivery date, we will deem the customer has accepted undamaged merchandise. At that point the carrier cannot be held liable.

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Order Cancellation Policy

All unshipped orders may be cancelled. However, virtually 100 percent of our orders ship the same business day if placed before 2 p.m. MST. The cancellation window is very narrow. Do not hesitate. Contact us immediately with your order ID or first and last name!

If the order you are cancelling has already shipped, we will attempt to intercept the package from the carrier. If the package interception fails, you must then regard the order as a product return.

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User Agreement

By purchasing Target Meister products, you agree that we cannot be held liable for damages or injury that may have been caused, directly or indirectly, by our products in any way, fashion, or form.

In general, just be safe, use common sense, be courteous to others, and follow all the cardinal rules—like never point your gun at anything you never intend to shoot. Prevent accidents. We don’t want to give the liberal media ammunition to decimate our precious gun rights, do we?

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