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The Target Meister Stand is a bulletproof paper target holder for precision, long-range marksmen. It adjusts to any size target or multiple targets; two to four shooters can share a single stand.

Target Meister Stand

The Target Meister is a bulletproof target stand—also called a target frame, base, or holder. If you’re a marksmen, it’s a useful tool for zeroing rifles.

The base is 30″ long to leverage against the wind. It will not move while you shoot. Yet it’s portable so you can carry it 300+ yards down range without breaking a sweat. When disassembled, it breaks down to about the size of a couple of 30-inch 2×4s.

It features two Target Meister inventions: Auto-Brace and X-Brace. These braces help you create a stable, custom target frame. Hang any targets your training requires.

The X-Brace adjusts the width of the stand—as wide as 6′ if needed. The Auto-Brace holds the wood target frame steady. It will not sway in the wind while you zero on your mark. Setup is easy. No tools required.

The stand’s armor system protects you and the stand’s core braces. Errant rounds are safely diverted. It’s designed to remain functional after dozens of direct hits from high-powered rifle rounds. The stand is warranted with a 33‑Year Free-Replacement.

Try it out for 100 days. We guarantee it will make target practice easier and safer for you.

Bulletproof Design—Prevents Accidents & Destruction

With virtually all target stands available today, this is certain: one misplaced shot can destroy a stand. But not the Target Meister as demonstrated in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Only the Target Meister is built with the same principles used to protect armored tanks from high-explosive anti-tank warheads. The armor system disintegrates and diverts high-velocity, large-caliber rounds, even at close range; thus protecting the stand’s critical components.

Target Meister Stand hit in the armor with a .243 round from 9 meters
Figure 1. A direct hit to the stand's armor from a FMJ .243 round at a piercing 3,200 fps from 9 meters.
Target Meister armor system protects the core components of the stand
Figure 2. The critical components behind the armor—X-Brace & Auto-Brace—are protected from errant rounds.

How the armor system resists bullet impact

The armor system consists of composite and sloped armor. Their synergy makes the stand virtually bulletproof. Let’s see how each system works.

Composite Armor

Composite armor compresses and decompresses bullets as they penetrate alternating high- and low-density layers.

The Target Meister uses a triple-layer composite armor. Figure 3 illustrates the following layers:

A. Disturber
¼″ high-density steel
B. Expander
½″ low-density air gap
C. Disrupter
¼″ high-density steel
Target Meister armor components: disturber, expander, and disrupter
Figure 3. Composite & sloped armor protect the critical core: X‑Brace & Auto‑Brace.

A high-velocity bullet rapidly compresses as it impacts and penetrates the disturber (A). Then it rapidly decompresses as it passes through the expander (B), consequently fragmenting the bullet. At this point, the total energy of the fragments is greatly diminished compared to the bullet’s energy before initial impact. Ultimately, the low-energy fragments collide with the disrupter (C) where they safely divert or disintegrate.

Sloped Armor

Sloped armor is angled so that the normal trajectory of the impacting bullet is not perpendicular to the armor. This provides two bullet resisting effects, which also amplify the effectiveness of the composite armor.

First, it increases the thickness of the armor in which the bullet must penetrate compared to perpendicular penetration. This penetration thickness is equal to the armor’s actual thickness divided by the cosine of its slope. For instance, the Target Meister armor is sloped at 45° as indicated in Figure 3. Therefore each 0.25″ steel armor layer has a penetration thickness of 0.354″ [0.25 ÷ cos(45)]. The result is a 41% increase in armor thickness by simply exploiting geometry.

Second, it deforms or deflects bullets. If a bullet’s linear momentum is great enough, the projectile will be deformed (obliqued and flattened), which diffuses its energy and significantly reduces its penetration. Otherwise, the projectile will be safely deflected.

The armor system protects you & your bank account

Accidents happen. You could misjudge your target distance, shake on a 300-yard shot, or invite inexperienced shooters who have a hard time staying on target. Without the Target Meister, there is a greater chance that a stray bullet hitting your stand will destroy it or dangerously ricochet the round.

The Target Meister’s armor system is your best safeguard against bad shots.

In addition to protecting the stand, here are 5 more benefits of the armor system:

X-Brace Makes the Stand: Adjustable, Resilient, Compact & Safer

The X-Brace is a workhorse; it provides you four benefits, as we’ll see.

The bases are connected with a standard 1×2 board (cross member), demonstrated in Figure 4, to create a solid target frame base shown in Figure 5.

X-Brace locks down a 1x2 cross member by applying pressure
Figure 4. The knob locks the wooden 1×2 cross member in place.

The X-Brace can clamp at any point on the cross member; thus the stand adjusts to any width.

1x2 strip used as the cross support for the Target Meister stand
Figure 5. A standard 1×2 is the stand's cross support member.

With the 1×2 locked down in the Auto-Braces, you're ready to set up a target frame.

Adjusts to any target width—or multiple targets

Not all gun targets are created equally. So it’s handy to have a target stand that adapts to whatever you throw at it.

The Target Meister works with any shooting target because it adjusts from just a few inches to six or more feet wide. And the height of your target frame is only limited by the length of your vertical furring strips—typically 4–6 feet.

18-inch wide target frame configuration with 24″ cross member
The base setup for an 18″ wide target frame using a 24″ cross member.
24-inch wide target frame configuration with 24″ cross member
If you need a 24″ wide frame, just lock the X-Braces to the ends of a 24″ cross member.

If you set up wider than 4 feet, you may need to attach horizontal supports to your target frame. See how our customer John did it using clamps. The result is a nice setup for multiple shooters. Or if you’re sighting in a couple of rifles, set up a target for each gun to make your process more efficient.

Resilient to bullets because the cross member’s expendable

Have you ever demolished a target stand by shooting the cross-support brace or member?

Equipped with the X-Brace, it’s no big deal for Target Meister. As you can see in Figure 6, the damage is negligible when shot with a high-powered round.

If the wooden support becomes too damaged or you cut it in half with a bullet saw, just swap it out; furring strips are inexpensive. However, the 1×2 can take dozens of hits before replacement is necessary.

1x2 wooden cross member shot with a rifle sustains minimal damage
Figure 6. Expendable cross member shot with a .243.

The low-density wood is barely damaged. But if the cross member is destroyed, just loosen the X-Braces and slide in a new furring strip—cheaper than repairing a broken stand or buying a new one.

X-Brace Research

Our independent study showed that the highest percentage of missed shots fall below the target. That puts the stand’s cross-support member in the line of fire. Most stands collapse when the cross support is damaged, earning it a top spot on the scrap pile.

So the idea was: let’s create a cheap and easy-to-replace cross member because it’s bound to be shot and destroyed. That was the genesis of the X‑Brace.

To keep it simple, it was designed to use 1×2 furring strips, which are also used in the Auto‑Brace to erect the target frame. It was serendipity that the X‑Brace also makes the stand adjustable, compact, and safer. It’s a beautiful thing when you can kill four birds with one stone.

The X-Brace is a Target Meister invention.

Compact stand for storage and transport

When the shooting is done and it’s time to head home, the stand can be disassembled. When broken down, it occupies only 0.35 cubic feet of space—just a bit bigger than a couple of 30″ two-by-fours. If you’ve got 10 or 20 stands, storage and transport is not a problem.

You can clamp three or four stands to a 2′ long furring strip—about 30–40 lbs. This keeps the stands together, organized, and easy to transport. Next time you head to the range, just grab your “sticks of stands” and away you go.

Even more safety for shooters!

The cross support of a target stand is a high-hit percentage area. That makes it a potential ricochet hazard. But because the Target Meister uses a low-density piece of wood, it eliminates any safety concerns. It’s one less hard, flat surface that could cause a dangerous ricochet.

Not only does the armor system make the Target Meister Stand safer to shoot with but so does the X-Brace.

In summary, the X-Brace adds four unique features to the stand:

  1. Adjusts to any target or multiple targets
  2. Breaks down for compact storage and transport
  3. Increases the stands resilience against bullets
  4. Eliminates ricochets

Auto-Brace Holds Your Target Steady

The Auto-Brace, shown in Figure 7, is the core component for creating a sturdy target frame using 1×2 wood furring strips. It uses a spring-tension tab to hold the strip tightly in the brace. The insertion tabs have a bevelled edge to smoothly guide the wood strip into the brace. No jamming up.

To create your target frame, insert a 1×2 into each Auto-Brace. To disassemble, just yank it from the brace. It’s that simple.

The Auto-Brace is a Target Meister invention.

Target Meister Auto-Brace with 1x2 strip inserted
Figure 7. Auto-Brace with a 1×2 wood furring strip inserted.

The bevelled, spring-loaded shims hold the 1×2 tight inside the brace.

A Stand for zeroing rifles

If you shoot for accuracy or sight in rifles, you will appreciate the steadiness you get from the Auto-Brace. Your target will not rock back and forth in the wind.

Eliminate variables from your training. When a bulls-eye is only an inch or two in diameter and out at several hundred yards, any target movement is unacceptable. Know your stand is never the reason for missing your mark.

Easily move your target around the range

The stand base and target frame weigh less than 15 pounds. To move your target up or down range, just lift your target stand by the wooden frame. Grab it wherever it’s comfortable for you. The Auto-Braces hold the 1×2s so the bases will not slip off.

No need to bend over and lift the base—many stands require this because the wood is not secured in the base. No need to reset your target after relocation. The frame and base remain intact so you’re ready to shoot.

Uses standard 1×2 wood furring strips

Caliper measuring a 1x2 to show actual width of 1.5 inches
Figure 8. Optimal 1×2 width

The Auto-Brace holds 1×2s (pronounced “one by two”) which are sold at any hardware store or lumber yard for about $1.50. The nominal dimensions are 1″ by 2″. However, the actual dimensions are approximately ¾″ by 1-½″.

Figure 8 shows the optimal width of a 1×2 measuring 1.5 inches. But, not all boards are created equally. Some will be wider or narrower depending on humidity or the age of the wood (after milling, boards dry and shrink to spec). Nonetheless, the spring-loaded Auto-Brace has a tolerance of ±0.1″, accommodating virtually any board variance.

The Target Meister Stand is bulletproof. It will last you decades. And it’s insured with a 33 year warranty. You’ll probably pass it on to the next generation of shooters. It’s easy to use and adapts to any size paper target or multiple targets.

Test it out for up to 100 days. We guarantee you’ll love it. If we’re wrong, no problem. Just return it for a 100% refund with absolutely zero risk.

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