Target Meister Setup

Here’s what you need to set up your stand for target practice:

Target Meister Stand, 1x2 wood durring strips, backers, targets, and clamps

Quick Setup in 4 Steps

Step 1

Insert a 1×2 cross member into the X braces. Tighten the knobs.

Target Meister Stand with furring strip as cross member

Step 2

Insert two furring strips into the auto braces to create a target frame.

furring strips inserted into the stand to create a target frame

Step 3

Attach a target backer to the frame using staples or clamps.

stand and frame with cardboard backer clamped to frame

Step 4

Attach a paper target to the cardboard backer using clamps, staples, or tape.

stand frame with cardboard back and target, ready to target practice
You're ready for target practice.