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30"x30" Flexible Target Backing

30"x30" Flexible Target Backing

The target backer for the original Target Meister portable target stand. Single-sided, corrugated cardboard with four mounting brackets on each corner of the backer.


You can sail up to 1,000 rounds through this backing before needing to replace it. Of course, it depends on your caliber, groupings, and utilization of the backing's surface area.

reinforced corner mounts

The cardboard backing includes reinforced mounting hardware that helps firmly anchor the backing.

Having a solid target backing:

  1. Reduces rips and tears in targets from bullets, producing cleaner holes and easier scoring
  2. Greatly minimizes torn or flapping targets in high winds
backing with 2 14x18 targets

It Rolls for a Reason

The backing's roll-able nature allows it to conveniently fit into your target system bag. You'll get peace of mind knowing you always have a cardboard backing, or two, stored with your target stand. No more digging through the garage or the garbage for a cardboard backing or realizing you forgot it once you are already at the range.