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18″ × 30″ Cardboard Target Backers (10 Pack)

18″ × 30″ Cardboard Target Backers (10 Pack)

Pack of 10 cardboard backers for use with common silhouette, law-enforcement, and other 18-inch wide paper shooting targets. Each backer measures 18″ × 30″.

Simply adhere one or more of these cardboard backers to your wooden target frame using staples, tacks, adhesive, or clamps. Then attach your paper target to the backer using similar implements. You're ready to shoot.

These backers can sustain hundreds of shots before replacement is necessary. They are a very cost effective way to protect your paper targets from the wind and hold them steady while you take your shot.

This backer is sold in packs of ten. Try them out with your paper targets. If you don't think they are the most portable, suitable, or convenient backers you have ever used, we will refund you 100 percent or replace them with an alternative backer of your choosing.

Table of Contents
  1. Assembly

  2. Other Target Backers


Adhering The Target to the Backer

Adhering the Backer to the Frame

The backer can be fixed to the wooden support frame using the following:

Other Target Backers