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The Dirty Harry Target Stand is a convenient tool that will help you improve your marksmanship. Its 30-inch base features the Auto-Brace and X-Brace to provide a solid frame for your target. It will not move while you practice your precision shooting.

The stand adjusts to hold any size target or even multiple targets. Setup is easy and requires no tools. When disassembled, it occupies only 0.35 cubic feet of space.

The stand's armor system protects you and the stand by safely diverting errant rounds. It is designed to withstand dozens of direct hits and remain functional.

Try it out for 100 days. If it does not help you become a more accurate shooter or make target practice easier and safer, return it for a 100 percent refund.

Table of Contents
  1. Quick & Dirty Target Stand Setup

  2. Built Like A Tank To Endure A Lifetime Of Abuse

  3. X-Brace: Maximum Adjustability & Resilience

  4. Auto-Brace: The Power To Hold

  5. Target Meister’s 100×3 Guarantee

  6. What Our Customers Want You To Know

  7. Specifications

Quick & Dirty Target Stand Setup

Here's what you need:

  • Dirty Harry target stand
  • (3) 1×2 wood furring strips
  • cardboard target backer
  • X321 paper targets
  • clamps, staple gun or tape
Dirty Harry stand and all parts needed to setup a shooting target

How to have fun shooting in 5 easy steps

  1. 1

    Insert the wooden cross member and tighten the cross braces to create a solid base.
    Dirty Harry stand with only the 1x2 cross support inserted
  2. 2

    Insert the two furring strips into the auto-braces to create a target frame.
    Dirty Harry stand assembled with both 1x2s and cross member
  3. 3

    Attach the target backer to the wood frame using staples or clamps.
    Dirty Harry stand with cardboard backer clamped to 1x2s
  4. 4

    Attach the X321 paper target to the cardboard backer using clamps, staples, or tape.
    Dirty Harry stand with paper target attached to backer
  5. 5

    Now step back, train your gun on your target, and gently squeeze the trigger repeatedly.
    X321 paper target shot many times

Congratulations! You shot the hell out of your X321 target. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are zeroed in on your target.

Built Like A Tank To Endure A Lifetime Of Abuse

With virtually all target stands available today, one thing is certain—a single misplaced shot can put those stands out of commission. But not the Dirty Harry as demonstrated in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

The Dirty Harry Stand is built with the same principles used to protect armored tanks from high explosive anti-tank warheads. The Dirty Harry's armor system effectively diverts or disintegrates high-velocity, large-caliber rounds, even at close range, thus protecting the stand's critical components.

Dirty Harry stand hit with a .243 round from 9 meters
Figure 1. A direct hit from a 3,200 fps, full metal jacket .243 round at 9 meters.
Armor system protects the core components of the target stand
Figure 2. The Auto-Brace and X-Brace behind the armor are protected from errant rounds.

The armor system is what makes the Dirty Harry Stand unique as well as the best-selling target stand.

How the armor system protects against bullet impact

The armor system designed for the Dirty Harry uses composite and sloped armor. The synergy of these two principles maximizes bullet resistance.

Composite Armor

Composite armor compresses and decompresses bullets as they penetrate alternating high- and low-density layers, respectively.

The Dirty Harry uses a triple-layer composite armor. Figure 3 illustrates the following layers:

  1. Disturber: ¼″ high-density steel
  2. Expander: ½″ low-density air gap
  3. Disrupter: ¼″ high-density steel

A high-velocity bullet rapidly compresses as it impacts and penetrates the disturber (A). Then it rapidly decompresses as it passes through the expander (B), consequently fragmenting the bullet. At this point, the total energy of the fragments is greatly diminished compared to the bullet's energy before initial impact. Ultimately, the low-energy fragments collide with the disrupter (C) where they safely divert or disintegrate.

Dirty Harry armor components: disturber, expander, and disrupter
Figure 3. Composite & sloped armor protect the core

Sloped Armor

Sloped armor is angled so that the normal trajectory of the impacting bullet is not perpendicular to the armor. This provides two bullet resisting effects, which also amplify the effectiveness of the composite armor.

First, it increases the thickness of the armor in which the bullet must penetrate compared to perpendicular penetration. This penetration thickness is equal to the armor's actual thickness divided by the cosine of its slope. For instance, the Dirty Harry armor is sloped at 45° as indicated in Figure 3. Therefore each 0.25″ steel armor layer has a penetration thickness of 0.354″ (i.e. 0.25 ÷ cos(45)). The result is a 41 percent increase in armor thickness by simply exploiting geometry.

Second, it deforms or deflects bullets. If a bullet's linear momentum is great enough, the projectile will be deformed (obliqued and flattened), which diffuses its energy and significantly reduces its penetration. Otherwise, the projectile will be safely deflected.

The armor system benefits you & your bank account

Accidents happen. You could misjudge your target distance, shake on a 300 yard shot, or invite inexperienced shooters who have a hard time staying on target. Without the Dirty Harry, there is a greater chance that a stray bullet hitting your stand will render it completely useless or dangerously reflect the round.

The Dirty Harry's armor system is your best safeguard against such accidents. It not only protects the stand, but protects its shooters too. Here are the benefits of the armor system.

X-Brace: Maximum Adjustability & Resilience

The X-Brace locks down a standard 1×2 board as demonstrated in Figure 4 to create a solid cross support for the stand as shown in Figure 5.

X-Brace locks down a 1x2 cross member by applying pressure
Figure 4.

The studded knob applies downward and lateral pressure on the 1×2 for maximal tightness. This is the basis for building a rock solid target frame.

1x2 strip used as the cross support for the Dirty Harry stand
Figure 5. A 1×2 is used as a cross support

The X-Brace can lock down at any point on the 1×2 cross member, making the stand adjustable to any width. If the cross member gets shot, just loosen the X-Brace and slide over a fresh section or replace it—cheaper than repairing or buying a new stand.

The X-Brace functionality provides two benefits: unlimited adjustability and bullet resilience.

Adapts to any target like a ninja

Because not all gun targets are created equally, it's handy to have a target stand that will adapt to whatever you throw at it. The size of targets compatible with the Dirty Harry range from only a few inches to 8 feet wide and 6 or more feet high. You are only limited by the length of the furring strips you use to create your target frame.

2-foot narrow target frame configuration
The Dirty Harry Stand setup for an 18″ wide target frame using a 24″ cross member.
4-foot wide target frame configuration
If you need a 24″ wide target frame, just lock the X-Brace to the ends of a 24″ cross member.

If you setup wider than 4 feet, you'll probably need to get creative and attach a couple of horizontal supports to your target frame. See how our customer John did it using clamps from Lowe's. The result is a nice setup for multiple shooters. Or if you're a target hog, well then multiple targets all for you!

Four shooters on a single Dirty Harry Stand
The perfect stand for you and your buddies. Sharing is good.

Takes hits to the midsection like a boxer

Have you ever demolished a target stand by shooting the cross-support brace/member?

With the X-Brace equipped Dirty Harry, it's no big deal as you can see in Figure 6, which shows negligible damage from a single high-powered round.

If the wooden support becomes too damaged or you cut it in half with a bullet saw, just swap it out. However, the 1×2 can usually take dozens of hits before replacement is necessary.

1x2 wooden cross member shot by a rifle with minimal damage
Figure 6. Expendable cross member shot with a .243

The Philosophy Behind The X-Brace

Our independent study showed that the highest percentage of missed shots fall below the target. That usually puts the stand's cross-support member in the line-of-fire. Most stands will collapse if the cross support is damaged, rendering the stand useless.

So the idea was—let's create a cheap and easy to replace cross member because it's bound to be shot and damaged. That was the genesis of the X-Brace.

To keep it simple, it was designed to use 1×2 furring strips, which are also used in the Auto-Brace to erect the target frame. The adjustability feature of the X-Brace was just serendipity during the design process. Eureka!

Auto-Brace: The Power To Hold

The Auto-Brace, shown in Figure 7, is the core component for creating a solid target frame using 1×2 wood furring strips. It uses a spring-tension tab to hold the 1×2 tightly in the brace. The insertion tabs have a bevelled edge to smoothly guide the 1×2 into the brace without jamming up.

To create your target frame, just insert a 1×2 into each Auto-Brace. To disassemble, place your foot over the base and pull the 1×2 from the brace. It's that simple.

The Auto-Brace is an exclusive Target Meister innovation that increases functionality and usability on all of our stands.

Target Meister Auto-Bracw with 1x2 strip inserted
Figure 7. Auto-Brace with 1×2 inserted

Steadfast target for precision shooters

If you are a sharp shooter or sighting in a rifle, you will appreciate the steadiness you get from the Auto-Brace. You're not going to have any target movement, even in windy conditions.

Eliminate variables from your training. When a bulls-eye is only an inch or two in diameter and out at several hundred yards, it is unacceptable to have any target movement. Know your stand is never the reason for being off the mark.

Moving your target shouldn’t stress your back

To relocate your target, conveniently lift your target stand by the top end of the wooden frame. The Auto-Brace will hold the 1×2 tightly in the base. No need to bend over and lift the base or reset your target after relocation.

The stand base plus a simple target frame weights less than 15 pounds.

Dirty Harry stand conveniently lifted by the 1x2 target frame

Uses standard 1×2 wood furring strips

Caliper measuring a 1x2 to show actual width of 1.5 inches
Figure 8. Optimal 1×2 width

The Auto-Brace accommodates 1×2s (pronounced one by two) which are stocked at any hardware store or lumber yard. The nominal dimensions are 1″ by 2″. However, the actual dimensions are approximately ¾″ by 1-½″.

Figure 8 shows the optimal width of a 1×2 measuring 1.5 inches. However, not all boards are created equally. Some will be wider or narrower depending on humidity or saw mill specs. Nonetheless, the spring-loaded auto-brace has a tolerance range of 1.4–1.6 inches, accommodating virtually any board variance.

Target Meister’s 100×3 Guarantee

  1. Evaluate our products in the real world for up to 100 days.

  2. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, return them.

  3. We will refund you 100 percent and pay return shipping.

Our Guarantee epitomizes the pride we take in our brand, our products, and our service to you, our fellow shooters. With all of our power and authority, we will provide you with the best shooting experience on the gun range.

Clint Pachl

Our promises to you


All stands are inspected and rated as prime or sub-prime based on construction and finish quality. Prime rated stands will have a flawless finish, perfect welds, and all measurements within specification.

Only prime stands are sold at Sub-prime stands are sold via third-parties.

Virtually 100 percent of the stands we manufacture are prime rated. We're proud to say we are damn good at what we do.


Since we started business in 2008, we are proud to say that we only have a 0.046 percent product return rate.

However, if you are the 1 in 2,000 who decides to return a product for any reason, you can expect

  • no hassles
  • no questions asked
  • no restocking fee
  • no strings attached

We'll just thank you for giving us the opportunity to try to earn your business.


We will always offer free and personalized email and phone support to all of our customers for any product questions.

If it has been years since you purchased your Dirty Harry Stand, but now you've got setup questions, we'll be happy to help you.

Or, if you feel a product's quality or functionality is not as we describe or show, we want to know so we can make it right. You're investing in the best. Expect the best.

Target Meister guarantees satisfaction and workmanship
We guarantee our workmanship and your satisfaction—100%

What Our Customers Want You To Know

I just want to tell you that the Dirty Harry Target Stands the U.S. Navy purchased from Target Meister have worked out very well.

We had concerns with our outdoor range being so close to the ocean air and the intense beating these target stands would be subject to. They have proven to be a tough, durable answer to our needs.

The Dirty Harry Target Stand's design, works well with our range operation. Our primary function is to conduct small arms qualification courses for our Navy service members, which can be a large volume of shoots, at various marksmanship levels.

I love my Dirty Harry Stand…I am personally using it just about every weekend! Then when my two college sons are home I am teaching them to shoot my handguns and various personal defense tactics. The stand is very versatile for setting up scenarios coupled with mini competitions between all three of us! One target stand…an enormous amount of father and son bonding!

I was looking at a bunch of different manufactures and decided to bite the bullet so to speak and pay a little more for what I perceived to be a better stand, and I was definitely right!

For my students, I am using the Dirty Harry stands at basically 72″ wide to accommodate 3-4 targets for multi-target engagement as well as limiting down time in setting up more targets.

David Polsley
Owner/Chief Instructor
CCC Training, Tactics and Consulting

Man, oh man! What an awesome invention brother! Keep in mind that I'm a super noob. Your stand made me look and feel like a pro. Fast fast set up. I had four 24×44 champion green targets side by side!

I was at Mike Raahauge's shooting range. A ton of shooters this weekend. I would say about 18-20 people asked where I bought the stand.

Everybody was pussyfootin' around with 2×4s and stuff. Dude, there are no other stands worth mentioning. Ever! I had a great day of shooting thanks in large to Target Meister.

I spent five hours at the range and fired 750 rounds from my AM-15 and then another 300 from my XDM 45.

I cut the 1X2s to five foot high and my cross beams three and a half foot in width. The whole time not a breeze or strong gust of wind phased my target.

Meanwhile the rest of the range was picking their targets up and calling seize fire on line too many times. People as always were shooting their stupid PVC pipes into pieces like crazy and then others using the metal frames, like the one Glock puts out, were shooting their hardware off!

I am an engineer by profession and can recognize the quality and value of your product. I was pretty amazed how well the horizontal furring strip held the legs firmly together.

It seems that every manufacturer makes claims that his product is superior. So rarely is it true, or even remotely close to true, that most of us discount claims made regarding a product right up front. I can honestly say your Dirty Harry target stand is an exception.

I wanted a stand that was stable in the wind and compact enough to be easily transported to the range. I got that in spades. 15 to 20 MPH winds seem to have no noticeable effect on a full size IPSC target. And the shims keep the uprights rock solid! The concept of the two bases joined by a removable 1x2 makes them a prayer answered for transport and setup is so simple my in-laws could do it.

The quality and finish of the welds was bordering on art and the powder coat finish looks like it was done by the BMW paint shop. In this day of paying a lot and getting damn little, the Dirty Harry is a bargain anyway you look at it.

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we constructed some target frames and used them on Sunday with the Dirty Harry Target Stand.

You have made a great piece of equipment and it was worth every penny we paid for it.

Being a range master I am use to training LEOs and shooting on some of the best range equipment around. With that being said, your portable Dirty Harry stand is outstanding. I love how easy it is to set up and take down, it is very stable, and when I use it for classes the students think it is part of the target system that we have. I want to say a very good job.

Sgt. Mike Herring
Range Master
Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

I just received my Dirty Harry Target Stand. As an engineer, I am very impressed with the design, functionality and quality of construction. My engineering manager was with me when I opened the box and he was equally impressed.

I have tried 7 other stands over the last 10 years, nothing is reliable. The grounds too rocky to pound plastic or metal stands and we have 40 mile an hour Washoe Zephyrs so everything eventually blows over. Plus any part of the target stand that can be shot, will be shot!

I think you have seen this and built the world's best target stand. I think you designed a great product that is well worth the money!

The springs that hold the uprights are a stroke of genius; no more wind shifting the target hither and yon!

You can be sure I will recommend Target Meister Dirty Harry target stands to every student and fellow instructors that demand the very best.

Thank you for the very best target stands I have owned in 30 years.

More testimonials

The stand is built like a tank … It's as good as advertised. Mark

They are one of the best shooting investments I have ever made. Terry Barnhill

It is solid, a piece of art, well made, and I loved the finish on it. Dr. Lynn Fassy

There is no way a person could purchase the material, weld, and paint this stand for the money you are selling it for. Steve Kushman

A quality product for a great price. Robert Lowe

Target Meister is the Mercedes of target stands. Fred Oliver

I can take everything apart and fit them in the trunk of my Toyota Camry. Tuan Nguyen

I used to build stands with lumber—but the Dirty Harry lets me put something together faster. Walter L Priddy III

The Dirty Harry stand far exceeded my expectations. I believe it will also be brother-in-law proof. Gary Martin

Great product…which is the reason why I am ordering a second one! Bob Flumere

I like the deflectors as insurance against irreparable damage from an errant round. James Carroll

I can't think of a better design for this product because it meets every need. Lon Waltenberger

▶ All customer feedback, pictures and videos



Dirty Harry target stand - side view
Dirty Harry target stand - front view
Dirty Harry target stand - back view
Width4″ (each base is 2″)


Stand (pair)10.6 lb (4.8 kg)
Stand + target12.8 lb (5.8 kg)
Stand + sand filled13.6 lb (6.2 kg)



Stand base
0.067″ (16 gauge) rectangular tube
0.083″ (14 gauge) rectangular tube
Armor system
0.250″ sloped at 45° (per shield)
0.708″ overall effective penetration thickness


Stand base end caps
1″ × 2″ LDE rectangular cap
X-Brace knob
3 lobes, 2″ diameter
1″ × 516″ zinc-plated steel stud
TPE overlay for a rubber-like grip
Glass-filled polypropylene core for high-impact resistance


Thermoset polyester powder coat
Target Meister Orange (OG-26)
90% gloss
5 mils (2-3 applications)


  • Dry-cut steel with ±132″ accuracy.

  • Precision MIG welded with sidewall penetration for maximum strength and reinforcement.

  • Coal slag blasted to etch a surface profile for powder coating.

In the box

Dirty Harry stand base
(1) complete stand [2 bases]
4 inch long 1x2 wood furring strip
(1) 4″ long 1×2 used to secure bases for storage/transport
Dirty Harry packaging material
(1) 30″ × 30″ cardboard wrap, which can be used as first backer