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1x2 Plastic Caps (set of 4)

1x2 Plastic Caps (set of 4)

Plastic 1″ × 2″ protective end caps for Target Meister steel target stands. Their primary function is prevent the steel stands from rusting internally by sealing out moisture.

The caps are constructed from EVA plastic, which has a rubber-like texture and a similar grip. Because they are also UV-stable, they will not fade or become brittle when exposed to sunlight.

The set includes four replacement caps to equip a single target stand. Stands that endure heavy use and abuse may require replacement caps—your mileage will vary.

Table of Contents
  1. Cap Function & Chemistry

  2. Replacement Caps for Our Steel Target Stands

Cap Function & Chemistry

Plastic protective end caps are specially constructed from EVA for Target Meister steel target stands. It is black in color, rubber-like, UV-stable, and resists stress-cracking.


These caps protect from two points of view.

For your protection

These caps protect you from the sharp edges of your steel stands. They also protect your car's interior when transporting stands to the range.

For the stand’s protection

They protect the steel stands from internal rusting by sealing out moisture. This is extremely important when stands are used in coastal regions.

Version 3.0

This is the third version of end cap that we have used in production with our steel target stands. However, we have tested numerous caps over the years. Unfortunately, previous caps were either slipping off, cracking, tearing, or becoming dull and brittle when exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

No off-the-shelf cap seemed to work for our use-case. For example, some of our customers keep their stands set up in a field or on a gun range all year, continuously exposed to the elements.

Finally, we contacted a helpful engineer at a plastic manufacturer in Pennsylvania. After testing many different formulations, he developed the perfect cap for us. Suffice to say, he solved all of our cap problems. They even created a special part number just for Target Meister's plastic caps—we feel special.

Replacement Caps for Our Steel Target Stands

Wyatt Earp Target Stand with plastic end caps
Wyatt Earp Stand equipped with four black plastic end caps

These plastic end caps fit the following steel target stands: