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Rowdy Yates Target Stand

Rowdy Yates Target Stand

The Rowdy Yates Target Stand is the perfect tool for a target shooting enthusiast. The 20-inch stand connects three 1 × 2 wood strips to form any size target frame to attach your target.

Setup is easy and requires no tools. When disassembled, it only occupies one-fourth of a cubic foot of space—the most compact stand on the market. It's so small that we recommend storing it in your vehicle so you are ready to shoot whenever you get the urge.

Try it out. Shoot with it for up to 100 days. If it is not the perfect target stand for you, return it for a 100 percent refund.

Table of Contents
  1. Quick Target Stand Setup

  2. X-Brace: Extreme Resilience & Adjustability

  3. Auto-Brace: The Power To Hold

  4. Got Wind? Stabilize Your Stand

  5. Storage & Transport

  6. Target Meister’s 100×3 Guarantee

  7. Specifications

Quick Target Stand Setup

Here's what you need:

  • Rowdy Yates target stand
  • (3) 1×2 wood furring strips
  • cardboard target backer
  • X321 paper targets
  • staple gun or clamps
All parts needed to set up a Rowdy Yates Target Stand

Zero to headshot in 5 steps

  1. 1

    Insert the wooden cross member and tighten the cross braces to create a solid base.
  2. 2

    Insert the two furring strips into the auto-braces to create a target frame.
  3. 3

    Attach the target backer to the wood frame using a staple gun or clamps.
  4. 4

    Attach the X321 paper target to the cardboard backer using a staple gun, clamps, or tape.
  5. 5

    Now step back, point your gun at your target, and gently squeeze the trigger repeatedly.

Congratulations! You got a head shot. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your desired level of sniper status is met.

X-Brace: Extreme Resilience & Adjustability

The X-Brace locks down a standard 1×2 board demonstrated in Figure 1 to create a solid cross support for the stand shown in Figure 2. This is the basis for building a rock solid target frame.

Additionally, the X-Brace design provides unlimited target frame width adjustment and bullet resilience.

X-Brace locks down a 1×2 cross member by applying pressure
Figure 1.

Downward and lateral pressure is applied on the 1×2 for maximal tightness.

Figure 2. A 1×2 is used as the cross support

The X-Brace can lock down at any point on the 1×2 cross member, making the stand adjustable to any width (showing backside).

Bullet resilient

If the cross member is shot, shown in Figure 3, no problem—unlike most target stands which are rendered unusable. With the Rowdy Yates, simply loosen the X-Brace and replace the 1×2 cross member. This is significantly cheaper and faster than repairing or buying a new stand.

The Rowdy Yates is an extremely resilient target stand that holds up well in brutal shooting environments.

Rowdy Yates stand with cross member damaged
Figure 3. The 1×2 cross support is expendable and easily replaceable

Accommodates any size target

The Rowdy Yates Stand can be easily adjusted to any size target. You are really only limited by the length of the furring strips you use for your cross member and target frame.

4-foot wide target frame configuration
If you need a 4′ wide target frame, just lock the X-Brace to the ends of a 4′ cross member.
2-foot narrow target frame configuration
The Rowdy Yates Stand set up at 2′ wide using a 4′ extra-long cross member.
2 shooters on a Rowdy Yates Stand setup with 2 targets
The perfect stand for you and your favorite shooting buddy.

For shooters who can’t hit the broadside of a barn

Rowdy Yates stand setup with wide target frame

Employing a wide-span configuration and centering the target in the frame eliminates the dread of your out-of-practice in-laws shooting your prime Rowdy Yates stand. It's nice when they come over, but it really sucks when they hit your stand more than they hit their target.

No 1×2 cross member?

If a rigid backing is firmly attached to the vertical target frame, the stand can be used without the 1×2 cross member demonstrated in Figure 4.

Because the X-Brace does provide substantial support, this is only recommended if your cross member is damaged and you don't have a spare.

Rowdy Yates stand setup without the 1×2 cross member
Figure 4. Stand without 1×2 cross support

Auto-Brace: The Power To Hold

The Auto-Brace, indicated in Figure 5, is the core component for creating a solid target frame using 1×2 wood furring strips. It uses a spring-tension tab to hold the 1×2 tightly in the brace. The insertion tabs have a bevelled edge to smoothly guide the 1×2 into the brace without jamming up.

Just insert a 1×2 into each Auto-Brace to create your target frame.

To disassemble, place your foot over the base and pull the 1×2 from the Auto-Brace. It's that simple.

Auto-Braces are an exclusive Target Meister innovation.

Auto-Brace on the Rowdy Yates Stand
Figure 5. Auto-Brace without 1×2 inserted

Demand target stability

If you are a sharp shooter or sighting in a rifle at a few hundred yards, you will appreciate the stability of the Auto-Brace. You're not going to have any target movement due to a flimsy or loose target frame.

The Rowdy Yates stand will hold your target steady while you take your shot. Shooting in windy conditions is difficult—so many variables to take you off your mark. Remove the guess work from your training and make sure you're using a solid stand.

Relocating your target is easy

You can conveniently pickup your target stand near the top end of the frame and relocate your target. No need to bend over and lift the base or reset your target after relocation.

The Rowdy Yates stand base plus a single-target frame weights less than 10 pounds.

Rowdy Yates relocated via target frame

Got Wind? Stabilize Your Stand

The weight and length of the Rowdy Yates Stand are such that it will securely hold a moderately sized 18″ × 30″ target a few feet off the ground, free standing, in winds up to 20 MPH. But if you're shooting in tornadic-like conditions, you'll need to stabilize the stand.

First, we made a design decision to not drill holes through the stand for staking. Many other manufacturers do this. Here's why we do not:

  1. It doesn't provide proper stability and leverage.

  2. Allows your stand to rust from the inside out.

  3. It's ugly and shoddy.

For a proper implementation of a stakable base, check out the stake guides on our Wyatt Earp model. For the Rowdy Yates we recommend the highly effective stabilizing options demonstrated below.

Extend base

Staked strip through the stand base
Slide 1×2s through the base to leverage against the wind.

Add weight

Stand base weighted with a sand bag
Place a 10 pound sand bag over the X-Brace cross member.


Stand staked using a guy-wire
Anchor the target frame for maximum wind resistance.

Storage & Transport

The versatility of the X-Braces also play an important role in storage and transport.

Rowdy Yates bases attached to 2 inch 1×2

To keep the two bases together for compact storage, secure them to the 4″ length of 1×2 included with the stand.

3 Rowdy Yates attached to a single 1×2 for storage or transport

To make it easy for one guy to carry three or four stands in each hand, secure several bases on a longer 1×2.

Once a stand is securely fastened to a 1×2, you can slide it into your Target Meister bag for storage and easy transport (bag sold separately).

Target Meister guarantees satisfaction and workmanship
We guarantee our workmanship and your satisfaction—100%

Target Meister’s 100×3 Guarantee

  1. Evaluate our products in the real world for up to 100 days.

  2. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, return them.

  3. We will refund you 100 percent and pay return shipping.

Our Guarantee epitomizes the pride we take in our brand, our products, and our service to you, our fellow shooters. With all of our power and authority, we will provide you with the best shooting experience on the gun range.

Clint Pachl, President

Our promises to you


All stands are inspected and rated as prime or sub-prime based on construction and finish quality. Prime rated stands will have a flawless finish, perfect welds, and all measurements within specification.

Only prime stands are sold at Sub-prime stands are sold via third-parties.

Virtually 100 percent of the stands we manufacture are prime rated. We're proud to say we are damn good at what we do.


Since we started business in 2008, we are proud to say that 99.954 percent of our customers have not returned a product.

However, if you are the 1 in 2,000 who decides to return a product for any reason, you can expect

  • no hassles
  • no questions asked
  • no restocking fee
  • no strings attached

We'll just thank you for giving us the opportunity to try to earn your business.


We will always offer free and personalized email and phone support to all of our customers for any product questions.

If it has been years since you purchased your Rowdy Yates Stand, but now you've got some special setup questions, we'll be happy to help you.

Or, if you feel a product's quality is not as we describe or show, we want to know so we can make it right. You're buying the best. Expect the best.



Rowdy Yates target stand - side view
Rowdy Yates target stand - front view
Rowdy Yates target stand - back view
Width4″ (each base is 2″)


Stand (pair)5.8 lb (2.6 kg)
Stand + target8.4 lb (3.6 kg)
Stand + sand filled7.8 lb (3.5 kg)



Stand base
0.067″ (16 gauge) rectangular tube
0.083″ (14 gauge) rectangular tube


Stand base end caps
1″ × 2″ LDE rectangular cap
X-Brace knob
3 lobes, 2″ diameter
1″ × 516″ zinc-plated steel stud
Glass-filled polypropylene core for high-impact resistance
TPE overlay for a rubber-like grip


Thermoset polyester powder coat
Target Meister Orange (OG-26)
90% gloss
5 mils (2-3 applications)


  • Dry-cut steel with ±132″ accuracy.

  • Precision MIG welded with sidewall penetration for maximum strength and reinforcement.

  • Coal slag blasted to etch a surface profile for powder coating.

In the box

Rowdy Yates stand base
(1) complete stand [2 bases]
4 inch 1×2
(1) 4″ long 1×2 used to secure bases for storage/transport
Dirty Harry packaging material
(1) 30″ × 30″ cardboard wrap, which can be used as first backer