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Target System Carrying Bag

Target System Carrying Bag
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Carrying bag custom designed to hold Target Meister's split-design target stands. Constructed of 1680 denier ballistic nylon. It is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. Adds extra portability for any shooter that needs to walk their targets, backers, and stands several hundred yards down range.

These high quality bags are made in USA. Each one is hand sown and double stitched. It contains two pockets that can be used to hold target stand accessories, stakes, etc.

This bag is custom designed for Target Meister's Dirty Harry and Rowdy Yates Target Stands.

Our target system carrying bag is hand constructed of ballistics nylon for extreme durability. With this bag you will be able to take your target stand with you wherever you want to shoot. Strap your handgun to your hip, throw your target system over your shoulder, and ride your motorcyle out to the range for a day of shooting. Yeah, it's that portable!