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Wyatt Earp Target Stand

Wyatt Earp Target Stand

We named our target stand after Wyatt Earp, the tough and rugged lawman. This stand is popular with soldiers, law enforcement agents, and competition shooters. It is designed for X321, IDPA, IPSC, and other 18-inch wide shooting targets.

Target setup is quick and easy. Just push a couple of 1 × 2 wood strips into the Auto-Braces and attach your target to the vertical frame. You're done. The H-frame design and the grip of the Auto-Braces guarantee a stable target every time you take a shot.

The stand features four strategically angled stake guides and 12-inch spikes to combat the nastiest winds. Usually one partially-driven spike on the windward side is enough to conquer your wind issue.

Wyatt Earp stands stack neatly and safely. They can be carried by hand or rolled on a hand truck, a half a dozen or a couple dozen at a time, respectively. Either way, it's easy to distribute many stands across a gun range. When not in use, 30 stands stack in a mere 2.9 square feet of floor space.

Try it out for up to 100 days. If it is not the most convenient target stand you have ever used or does not meet your requirements in any way, return it for a full refund.

Table of Contents
  1. Super Fast Setup

  2. Designed For Silhouette Targets

  3. Wind Is No Match For The Wyatt Earp

  4. Stack ’Em Up

  5. Auto-Brace = Sturdy Target Frame

  6. Target Meister’s 100×3 Guarantee

  7. Specifications

Super Fast Setup

Here's what you need:

  • Wyatt Earp target stand
  • (2) 1×2 wood furring strips (4–6′ long)
  • cardboard target backer (18″ × 30″)
  • X321 paper targets
  • clamps, tape, or staple gun
Wyatt Earp stand and all parts to setup a shooting target

Zero to shooting in 60 seconds

  1. 1

    Insert the two 1×2 furring strips into the auto-braces to erect a target frame.
    Wyatt Earp stand target frame made with 1x2s
  2. 2

    Attach the target backer to the target frame using the four clamps. You could also use staples, tacks, spray adhesive, etc.
    Cardboard target backer attached to Wyatt Earp frame using clamps
  3. 3

    Attach an X321 paper target to the cardboard backer using the existing four clamps.

    Just center the target on the backer and reposition the clamps one at at time. At this point the clamps are pulling double duty, holding the backer and target. Alternatively, you could use staples, tape, or additional clamps.
    X321 paper target attached with clamps to cardboard backer
  4. 4

    Now step back. Take a deep breath. Aim. Eliminate the threat.
    X321 paper target shot.

Congratulations! The threat has been neutralized. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you become a lethal weapon.

Designed For Silhouette Targets

The Wyatt Earp stand was designed specifically for standard 18″ wide targets and backers. No setup or adjustment required. It just works.

Target Meister X321

Wyatt Earp stand setup with X321 target
Wyatt Earp Stand setup with our own X321 custom training target. The X321 design is the result of decades worth of research.


Wyatt Earp stand setup with IDPA target
The Wyatt Earp stand is compatible with most official training targets. It's perfect for soldiers, government agents, and competition shooters.

Thinking outside the silhouette

Just because the Wyatt Earp is designed perfectly for an 18″ wide target doesn't mean you're limited to one target per stand. Get creative. Construct a multi-target configuration to test the limits of your training. For example, our customer John created a setup that mimics a fallen attacker.

Wyatt Earp with horizontal frame setup with 3 targets
Figure 1. Wyatt Earp Stand with horizontal frame holding three targets

When setting up an array of targets as illustrated in Figure 1, you most likely will need to stake your stand for stability.

Wind Is No Match For The Wyatt Earp

If you happen to be shooting in a hurricane, you're in luck. The Wyatt Earp comes standard with strategically angled stake guides and spikes for anchoring the stand to Mother Earth.

Spikes included inside the stand base

The Wyatt Earp includes four 12″ spikes conveniently stored inside the base of the stand. You may not always need to stake, but when you do, you will always be prepared.

To retrieve the spikes, just pull a plastic end cap off the base as demonstrated in Figure 2. All four spikes are contained in one side. The clue as to which side the spikes are in is feeling for the unbalanced weight by lifting the stand at the center of the cross member. The spikes add almost 2 pounds to the stand.

Wyatt Earp stand comes with four 12" spikes
Figure 2. Each stand includes four 12″ spikes

No Hammer Required

Fully driving a spike usually requires a hammer. But because of the angled design of the stake guides this is not necessary. Simply use your hand or foot to push the spike in as far as it will go. This is usually sufficient unless the ground is extremely hard and the spike can't be pushed in more than 2–4 inches.

Angled and opposing stakes deliver maximal stability

The stake guides on the stand are strategically angled at 60° from the ground plane. Additionally, the front and back stake guides are at opposing angles. These two key concepts are illustrated in Figure 3.

Stake guides at opposing 60 degree angles
Figure 3. Opposing spikes deadlock the stand to maximize stability

The Benefits Of Our Angled & Opposing Stake Guides

Wyatt Earp stake guide
  1. Leverage against the wind even when a target (the lever) is mounted up high (+5′).

  2. Stakes do not need to be fully driven to achieve maximum stability—no rocking or lifting.

  3. A single, partially-driven stake on the windward side typically provides sufficient stability.

Why Perpendicularly Driven Stakes Are Problematic

Three problems exist when stakes are driven straight into the ground.

  1. If the stake is not fully driven, the stand will ride up or lift the length of the exposed stake, which sacrifices target stability.

  2. When the wind pushes against the target the leverage pulls the stakes straight up out of the ground.

  3. You typically need to fully drive at least two stakes, front and back, to combat the aforementioned problems even in light wind.

The design of our angled stake guides solve these common problems and deliver maximum stability with minimal effort.

Use 4 Spikes For Maximum Wind Resistance

Typically, one or two spikes securely driven on the windward side of the target is all you need to keep the stand base flat on the ground and your target stable.

But if the wind is gusting back and forth against your target, we recommend using spikes on both the front and back of the base. In extreme situations, you can use all four spikes as shown in Figure 4. When fully anchored, the 1×2 target frame will snap long before the stand budges.

Wyatt Earp stand staked with 4 spikes
Figure 4. All 4 spikes used for maximum target stability

Stack ’Em Up

The Wyatt Earp stands are designed to stack tightly, neatly, and safely. Whether you have two stands or twenty, a compact stack of Wyatt Earp stands store in a small space and can be easily transported.

Minimal storage space required

When the fun is over, the stands have to go somewhere. Storage space is valuable and perhaps limited. One of the greatest benefits of the Wyatt Earp stands are that they can be stacked as high as needed in a very minimal footprint. For example, you can safely store up to 30 stands in a single stack on a solid cement surface.

100 Wyatt Earp target stands placed in four stacks
4 stacks of 25 Wyatt Earp stands & Ross, our welder (not included)

How To Stack

To securely stack the Wyatt Earps, alternate their orientation (forward, backward, forward, etc.) as you place each one on the stack. This semi-locks the stands so that they can be safely and easily moved using a dolly or hand truck or transported to the range via truck or trailer.

Stack Size

Each stand adds to the stack only 2.25″ in height and 8.4 pounds in weight. For instance, a stack of 20 stands is less than 4′ high, weighs 168 pounds, and occupies a mere 2.9 square feet of floor space!

Easy to transport

If you have a half dozen stands, it's easy to grab a few in each hand and head down range to place them. But if you have 20 stands to distribute, a standard hand truck will make your job easy.

By Hand

Easily carry 2-8 Wyatt Earp stans by hand
Depending on how much muscle you have, it's easy to carry 2–8 stands by hand. For example, Ross is holding 8 stands weighing 68 pounds.

By Cart

20 Wyatt Earp stands on a hand truck
A hand truck makes it easy to transport a stack of stands and distribute them on a gun range. This stack of 20 weighs 168 pounds.

Even though you can safely stack 30 stands for storage, we don't recommend moving more than 20 at time using a hand truck or dolly. Unless you're Iron Man—or Ross—the stack can get quite heavy and out of control in no time.

Auto-Brace = Sturdy Target Frame

The Auto-Brace, indicated in Figure 5, is the core component for creating a solid target frame using 1×2 wood furring strips. It uses a spring-tension tab to hold the 1×2 tightly in the brace. The insertion tabs have a bevelled edge to smoothly guide the wood strip into the brace without jamming up.

Just insert a 1×2 into each Auto-Brace to create your target frame.

To disassemble, place your foot over the base and pull the 1×2 from the Auto-Brace. It's that simple.

Auto-Braces are an exclusive Target Meister innovation designed to increase shooter happiness.

Auto-Brace on the Wyatt Earp Target Stand
Figure 5. Auto-Brace with 1×2 inserted

Rock solid target for pro shooters

Whether you are practicing for a handgun competition or honing your sniper skills, a solid and stable target is an absolute requirement. A fully staked Wyatt Earp equipped with Auto-Braces will not allow your target to sway in windy conditions.

If you are a serious or professional shooter, the Wyatt Earp is the perfect stand for you.

Relocate your target

No Bending Required

When you've mastered your 10 meter shot, you can conveniently pickup your target stand near the top end of the frame and walk it to the 20 meter mark. No need to bend over and lift the base or reassemble your target after relocation.

The stand base and target frame weight about 10 pounds so it's easy to move.

Wyatt Earp stand lifted by its target frame

Target Meister’s 100×3 Guarantee

  1. Evaluate our products in the real world for up to 100 days.

  2. If you are not 100 percent satisfied, return them.

  3. We will refund you 100 percent and pay return shipping.

Our Guarantee epitomizes the pride we take in our brand, our products, and our service to you, our fellow shooters. With all of our power and authority, we will provide you with the best shooting experience on the gun range.

Clint Pachl, President

Our promises to you


All stands are inspected and rated as prime or sub-prime based on construction and finish quality. Prime rated stands will have a flawless finish, perfect welds, and all measurements within specification.

Only prime stands are sold at Sub-prime stands are sold via third-parties.

Virtually 100 percent of the stands we manufacture are prime rated. We're proud to say we are damn good at what we do.


Since we started business in 2008, we are proud to say that we only have a 0.046 percent product return rate.

However, if you are the 1 in 2,000 who decides to return a product for any reason, you can expect:

  • no hassles
  • no questions asked
  • no restocking fee
  • no strings attached

We'll just thank you for giving us the opportunity to try to earn your business.


We will always offer free and personalized email and phone support to all of our customers for any product questions.

If it has been years since you purchased your Wyatt Earp Stand, but now you've got some special setup questions, we'll be happy to help you.

Or, if you feel a product's quality is not as we describe or show, we want to know so we can make it right. You're investing in the best stands on the market so expect the best.



Wyatt Earp stand dimensions - front view with 1x2s
Front with 1×2s
Wyatt Earp stand dimensions - back view
Wyatt Earp stand dimensions - side view
Stand height4″
Stand length20″
Stand width21″
Frame width (inner)16″
Frame width (outer)19″


Stand only6.8 lb (3.1 kg)
Stand + 4 spikes8.4 lb (3.8 kg)
Stand + 4 spikes + target9.2 lb (4.2 kg)



Stand base
0.067″ (16 gauge) rectangular tube
Stand cross bar
0.067″ (16 gauge) square tube
0.083″ (14 gauge) rectangular tube
12″ long × ⅜″ diameter


Stand base end caps
1″ × 2″ LDE rectangular cap


Thermoset polyester powder coat
Target Meister Orange (OG-26)
90% gloss
5 mils (2-3 applications)


  • Dry-cut steel with ±132″ accuracy.

  • Precision MIG welded with sidewall penetration for maximum strength and reinforcement.

  • Coal slag blasted to etch a surface profile for powder coating.

In the box

Wyatt Earp stand base - top view
(1) stand base
Four 12-inch spikes
(4) 12″ Spikes
The box for the Wyatt Earp stand
Shipping box can be trimmed and used as a 20″ × 48″ backer