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This makes three stands for me and if I need more I will not go anywhere else. I will also recommend you to friends. My little granddaughter would say these are the best target stands ever. Thanks again.

Hoyt Hugg
Amarillo, TX

Dear Clint,

I've used this stand now 4 times since purchasing it. I think it's the best stand out there and won't fall over even in significant winds/breeze, that's is a big plus for me. Stand stays rock solid and stays put and doesn't move, really aids in zero'ing long guns due to the stability. I cannot think of anything to add on this stand to make it even better, maybe a metal top cross member to fit over the wooden uprights, but I've just clamped on another wooden strip.

I have several friends that have seen it and will more then likely be purchasing one themselves. I'm sure glad I waited buying other stands and searched around on the Internet and found yours, think I would have been sorry if I purchased another brand.

A welder friend of mine saw your stand and said the quality of workmanship was top notch and for the price was an outstanding buy.

Thanks for making a quality Made in the USA product.

I'm also a retired police Lt. from Montebello PD, in CA.... been a firearms instructor for more than 30-years and this by far is a superior stand...

Michael Higashi, Ret. Lt. Montebello PD
La Mirada, CA

We bought the Target Meister Dirty Harry stands to replace target setups at our public gun range. They were small enough to not be shot up by customers and large enough to stay upright in winds. Being in east Texas winds can get crazy too.

Dirty Harry Target Stands used by
This pic is after almost a year of owning them.
The old shot up target stands used by
Old stands for comparison … Totally shot up.
Dirty Harry Target Stands used by
Got a full 20 Pax CHL class today

Great customer service. Love the stands! We plan to buy more and replace all our stands with these from TargetMeister.

We can update you that we have counted over thirty range visits for various church folks, family, and friends with about half of those with the old Rowdy Yates and the other half with our newer Dirty Harry stands…I am pleased to let you know all three are still “standing” pardon the pun.

Oh, they’ve been shot more than once. And both my Dirty Harry stands have now been shot with our Desert Eagle .50 AE and survived!

Dirty Harry stand shot with Desert Eagle .50 AE bullet
If you look closely at the attached pics, you’ll see the evidence of the strikes.

I’ve retired the Rowdy due to the ease of use from the broader base the Dirty Harry gives me. We have lots of wind on occasion and the Dirty Harrys just do that much better at our range here in Southern California.

At almost every shoot we do, someone asks me about your stands…and I always give them your website and credit these stands with the ruggedness they have lived up to…especially after taking a .50AE round!

My wife has asked me for Christmas gift ideas this year…and I could not help but give her your link for yet another Dirty Harry stand.

God bless y’all there

Ken Baker
Murrieta, CA

Thanks again for a super product. I absolutely love these target stands. I've done a lot of shooting with them this year accompanied by friends and relatives who are avid firearm enthusiasts. They are holding up great!

John O'Neal
Lancaster, CA

I love it it's a great product, the second one is for the wife when we go shooting together. I've got several other target holders but none compare to yours.

My kids will probably be making purchases with you in the near future. My son in law is a welder and really thought how you worked what I will call the spring to hold the wood in place was really neat.

Carl Smith
Las Vegas, NV

Absolutely love them Clint. They are everything you say they are and more. I love the portability and stability of them and they hold a backer and target in perfect position for practice.

You have developed an excellent product and I wish you great success.

Fight the Noble Fight! Finish the Race! Keep the Faith!
(2 Timothy 4:7) <><

I was finally able to go shooting this past weekend. I used the Dirty Harry stand and it worked out great. There was only one gust of wind that knocked my target over, but that was remedied with a couple of sand bags.

Dirty Harry Target Stand of customer Justin in El Paso

A friend of mine was with me and we both appreciated the genius of the Dirty Harry's design with the built in, adjustment free vertical furring strip slots. My friend was amazed at how stable it made the target. We also enjoyed the versatility of being able to go from a full size VTAC target to an IPSC target rapidly and easily.

Definitively the best target stand I've ever owned. A quality product, superior customer service, reasonable prices, and fast shipping - you've earned a life long customer in me.

Thanks and check out the attached photos. I'll send you better pictures down the road along with photos of the different ways I'm thinking of using the stand.

El Paso, TX

After three decades of using paper targets on cardboard boxes, building target stands with PVC pipes and using multiple over the counter poor quality target stand options I discovered Target Meister. Their products are absolutely amazing. They are heavy duty and withstand windy shooting conditions and are also very well designed and made.

Target Meister also has one more very important feature pertaining to their company, and its their customer service and feedback. The company team is absolutely customer service oriented and follow through every step of the way during your purchase. They regularly ask for customer feedback and new ideas on how to improve the product from the shooters perspective. I have purchased multiple stands for family members and myself and I absolutely enjoy using them. The best part is when people at the range wonder about where someone like me found such a quality product. The stands are not just painted, they are powder coated and can withstand a lot of abuse.

I would recommend this product to any and every shooter who is looking to enhance his or her shooting experience. Best of all these stands are Made in America, its a small business owned by Americans who are employing Americans. We need people like these who create jobs and companies like these with excellent customer service to advance our country.

Fort Collins, CO

After winning a $3,000 range grant from the NRA in 2014, the Ashe County (N.C.) Wildlife Club was able to purchase 12 of the Wyatt Earp target stands, and a wooden storage building in which to keep them. We replaced our shot-up wooden 2x4s that held shot-up heavy rubber backers.

Ashe County Wildlife Club gun range with Wyatt Earp Target Stands Storage shed at Ashe County Wildlife Club used to hold Target Meister Wyatt Earp stands and range equipment

We chose the Wyatt Earp stands because they were portable and easy to use; just put two furring strips in the frame, staple backers and targets to the strips and you can start shooting. We would recommend these stands to any club or individual.

Ian with a WW II Springfield M1 Garand rifle at Ashe County Wildlife Club Raymond with his 1914 Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle at the Ashe County Wildlife Club gun range
Ian McNeil with a WW II Springfield M1 Garand and Raymond Robinson with his 1914 Short Magazine Lee Enfield.
Clint Johnson, PR Chair for Ashe County Wildlife Club
Jefferson, NC

Dirty Harry is the best target stand on the market by far. My first stand is still in great shape and lives on the range 365 days a year; rain, snow or shine.

Thanks again for building a quality product that does what it's designed for.

My LLC is Justified Defensive Concepts, I am partners with an S Corp: Green Ops.

Green Ops firearm training on a Dirty Harry Target Stand

We have been providing training in 4 - 6 hour blocks in the Northern Virginia area at local indoor ranges for the last 5 months.

We have been getting requests for full 8 hour instructional blocks at an outdoor venue. We just ran our first such training offering. It was very successful, despite cold and rainy weather.

Target Meister stands allowed us to operate efficiently with easy set up, total reliability and easy take down.

Great product. We will be needing more target stands and we will certainly buy them from you.

Clint, just want to let you know that I finally got my new Dirty Harry stand out for the first time today, and—as I suspected—it's an absolutely excellent design ☺

I actually put it up on some rocks at the back of a rock pit for a 100 meter distance, used 4-foot poles, and put two 18"x18" targets on it, one above the other, with a cardboard backing on the top one for stability.

I LOVE this stand! SOOOOOO much easier to use (and carry) than what I've been using, rock solid, and totally variable for different size targets.

Well done - THANK YOU!!

A Happy Dirty Harry Owner
Moscow, ID

I just wanted to tell you how much my Dirty Harry stand continues to impress me and anyone who happens to see me using it at the range. I have had several homemade target stands and a few commercially available ones and NONE of them have been as useful or as simple as my Dirty Harry.

Here's one pic of my most recent outing to the range at Minot.

Terry Brack's Dirty Harry Target Stand setup on Minot, ND gun range
I like to use standard plastic clips from Menards to hold my cardboard target backing to the straps. I also leave the tags on as cheap (they came preattached!) wind indicators.

I'll be sure to share more pictures in the future.

Thank you again for such an amazing product!

Terry Brack
Minot, ND

I like your stand so well I wanted to get a couple more. I had also purchased one on Amazon but there was no comparison to yours. Your stands were just overwhelming in a quality construction compared to others. There is only one target stand for me now "Target Meister".

Charles Archer
Vacaville, CA

Even though I'm returning an item and it didn't work out this time your product appears to be very high quality and very well designed. I want yall to know that your customer service is amazing and will defiantly be purchasing from yall in the future.

Houston, TX

I used the wyatt earp a few times, and it is an outstanding product, and I would recommend it to everyone.

I have to congratulate you on the design.

John Locke
Frackville, PA

I'm never sure when I order site unseen! Faith has been restored some what, your product hits a home run. My clubs pistol range is fixed @ 20yds. I now have the option to train @ 5, 10yds in home defense distance. Hope u sell a million units.

Gun control is not about guns, it's about control !!!

Cliff Smith
Lunenburg, MA

I took my Dirty Harry stand to the range for a test drive last week. Set it up 4' by 4' with 5 targets on it. It was a little breezy, and the stand was rock solid and super easy to move around.

I showed it to several other shooters who were eyeing it with envy...told them to check out your web site.

Really great design—I am looking forward to using it again.

Longmont, CO

I just ordered my second stand. The first one was (and still is) GREAT. This is a well thought-out, well made product.

That is a great approach to target stands that you have developed.

Billings, MT
1–20 of 220 Testimonials

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