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Testimonial From Ernest

The Dirty Harry Stands have worked great. It's easy to troop down range 100 yards with the stands, two sticks, recycled cardboard and postal tape and create a set of targets in a minute. No wind problems to worry about. Makes my son and I look like we know what we are doing. Also, having two shooting targets with a bore site target between them means we may not have to go back downrange until we need to collect the target stuff to leave.

The Rowdy Yates stands will be used to put targets up quickly for pistol shooting also. We figure to put three targets across with metal plinker targets strapped to the sticks below them. It will make shooting more fun for my 9 year old grandson. The wire frame stuff just doesn't hold up and is hard to get in the ground at the Yuma County range.

I may have to order another set of stands to accommodate friends who now want to learn to shoot. Obama has done wonders for the gun industry. When ammunition manufacturers catch up, the amount that is stored in reserve out there will really give them something to think about. Long live the second amendment!