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Testimonial From Charles Weakland

I got my stand yesterday and I'm happier than a puppy with 2 peckers! I have tried 7 other stands over the last 10 years, nothing is reliable. The grounds too rocky to pound plastic or metal stands & we have 40 mile an hour Washoe Zephers so everything eventualy blows over, plus any part of the target stand that can be shot, WILL BE SHOT!! I think you have seen this and built the worlds best target stand, and the orange paint is flawless, I think you designed a great product that is well worth the money!

The springs that hold the uprights are a stroke of genius, no more wind shifting the target hither & yon!

Feel free to use my corespondence for advertising, I found your company on the internet when I finally got so frustrated at the range I decided to quit being cheap and find something that works! I think it was money well spent.