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Testimonial From Bill Yarberry

Everything worked as advertized. Great products.

Easy to unbox and quickly use. Each stand looked and worked great!

I like the flexibility of the Dirty Harry for spread configurations of targets, I mounted three targets wide on each of pair of stands using 8 ft 1x2's. The results was a lot more shooting and a lot less changing targets.

I also liked the simplicity, fast set up and portability of the Wyatt Earp stands too. I moved them around to give different looks to the course during the session. The spikes came in handy, also easy to use.

As I invite others to shoot with me, I am sure you will have some orders come your way, glad to pass on the information on such a great product.

One more note, I just took the stands to Texas on a Spring Turkey and hog hunt over the weekend.

While we were not hunting, we were target shooting with all kinds of firearms. Both types of stands were huge hits! The stands are so easy to travel with and to move around the range for different distances.

Every one that saw them asked - where did I find these, I told them of course Target Meister.