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Testimonial From Scott Ramsey, FFL/SOT

It seems that every manufacturer makes claims that his product is superior. So rarely is it true, or even remotely close to true, that most of us discount claims made regarding a product right up front. I can honestly say your Dirty Harry target stand is an exception. I wanted a stand that was stable in the wind and compact enough to be easily transported to the range. I got that in spades. 15 to 20 MPH winds seem to have no noticeable effect on a full size IPSC target. And the shims keep the uprights rock solid! The concept of the two bases joined by a removable one by makes them a prayer answered for transport and setup is so simple my in-laws could do it.

One last comment, considering the outstanding way the stands work I would have been happy if they had been spray painted primer grey. BUT the quality and finish of the welds was bordering on art and the powder coat finish looks like it was done by the BMW paint shop. In this day of paying a lot and getting damn little, the Dirty Harry is a bargain anyway you look at it.

Bottom line, I am so happy I ordered another. Feel free to use me as a reference. I will be glad to tell anyone how spot on these stands are!!