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Testimonial From Walter Neaves

I received my Wyatt Earp Target Stand today. It is really nice. I did use the box as the the first target back. The spray adhesive is a good idea. I set the stand in the back yard - so I could just open the den door and shoot at it without having to stay out in the 100 degree Texas weather. I live in a subdivision so I shot at it with a Beretta BB/Pellet pistol. It has a little recoil - like a real gun. I have a box of B-27E targets from GUNFUN so I will be shooting out the door for a while. My wife is just learning to shoot a pistol so we will get her used to shooting at silhouette. We have a good place to go shoot at a farm. We shoot .22s,.38 Spc and .40s

The workmanship and finish are really nice and I commend you on the stand. The bridge nails are a good idea. I am going to take the stand up to the local gun shop and show it to the owner. I think these stands will sell themselves if people see them.