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Testimonial From John

OK, Clint…this just isn't normal.

If you're going to give that level of personalized service, what am I supposed to do with every other purchase I make?

I guess it's all downhill from here, as the step off from your attention to detail and communication is a BIG one!

The RY is perfect. I also like the fact that in a pinch I can put furring strips inside the ground tubes for extra stability…nicely done!

I'll be advertising for you, and will likely be buying more as gifts.

Thanks for thinking through this SO WELL!!!

I am sincerely grateful that you make such simple, well-designed, compact, and lightweight solutions, Clint.

Rowdy Yates Target Stand conveniently stored in the back of an SUV
First is the car storage image. Might want to note the transversely-stored two 4' strips behind the back seat. They're for wind stabilization (see target stands below).
Rowdy Yates Target Frame setup with horizontal attacker targets
And here's the horizontal attacker photo, with the normal Yates (right) for comparison. I only use 6' strips, to mimic 6' tall attackers, and I prefer the fallen attacker to be closer to the upright one, as it seems somehow more realistic, to me anyway. Note the wind stabilizing strips.
Target frame constructed using a ratcheting clamp.
And here is a closeup of the ratcheting clamp I found and prefer. It's from Lowes. They come in a 4-pack.