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Testimonial From Shawn Ashe

First I would like to say your running a top notch company! Just to have the owner/operator send me emails checking in on a specific product to see how it worked or didn't work shows a lot for your business model. Don't ever change and you will make a multi-million dollar enterprise in no time. Thank you!!!!

The product did exactly as advertised, providing a firm base for the 1X2's target frame. Fortunately for me I didn't have any zingers or low balled shots strike the frame and really test your deflection system. But I will take the product reviews online for that one!!

I spent five hours at the range and fired 750 rounds from my AM-15 and then another 300 from my XDM 45. I cut the 1X2's to be five foot high and my cross beams three and a half foot in width. The whole time not a breeze or strong gust of wind phased my target. Mean while the rest of the range was picking their targets up and calling seize fire on line to many times. People as always where shooting their stupid PVC pipes into pieces like crazy and then others using the metal frames like the one Glock puts out were shooting their hardware off!

I must have been the envy of the range and man it felt good to not have to worry about if I had enough pieces of PVC to last the day. I had multiple guys asking me where I got my stand and many would take a quick walk buy it when resetting their own piles of crap, LOL. I spoke very highly of Target Miester to each and everyone of them for you!

I will be heading out again this Sunday for a few hours as well. Once again thanks for checking in I really appreciate it. Tell the crew great job and nice work. Keep turning out great products that work and shooters will buy them! Have a great night, I wish you guys all the best. If you need me to do some product showcasing sometime let me know, wink wink!!!!