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Testimonial From Dan Tillinghast, T-Unimpeded, LLC

The stands are awesome!! I have used them in class and on a personal basis several times and they couldn't be more versatile! I believe the design is very innovative and perfect for all applications. I used them last weekend to zero my .308 and .223 for an upcoming hunting trip. I took them from my pistol range to the where I needed them for 100 yard shots with ease. It was as simple as the videos show by merely grabbing them I threw them in my 4 wheeler trailer and I was on my way in seconds.

T-Unimpeded firearm training with 3 Wyatt Earp Target Stands
Please see the picture attached of a student firing at the qualification range. I have recommended them to several people and will continue to do so.

Thanks for everything and feel free to use this testimonial and image at will to promote your Target Meister products.