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Testimonial From James Carroll

Hi Clint:

I finally got out to the range with your target stand, and I love it. It is easy to carry, set up, and take down. Another range I go to uses chicken wire as a backing downrange, and you hang your targets using wooden clothes pins. They just set 4x4's about every 8 feet and staple a roll of chicken wire across. I think I will try to adapt that to the Dirty Harry instead of using the cardboard.

I looked at stands on Midway USA, Cabela's, and Brownell's. Then yours popped up on a Google search. It is perfect. I like the deflectors as insurance against irreparable damage from an errant round (it happens) and the fact that the cross-piece is sacrificial 1x2 rather than steel. It also makes it easier to break down, store, and carry.