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Testimonial From Chuck Ungar

I couldn't be more impressed with your Dirty Harry target stand. I'm pretty sure it could withstand a direct nuclear hit.

It's tough to fit full length furring strips into my Mini Cooper, so I made collapsable ones. I cut 'em in half, painted them Target Meister orange (courtesy of a Home Depot paint match), screwed on hinges, and then added gate hook & eyes to keep them rigid when upright. I superglued two super magnets onto each strip and use four more super magnets to attach the cardboard backing. (If anyone tries this, they should not let the magnets touch as it's almost impossible to pry them apart. It's not a problem, though, when the cardboard is in between.)

Dirty Harry Stand assembled with hinged frame
Dirty Harry Stand assembled with hinged target frame and magnetic backers
Hinged furring strips for target frame
Hinged target frame - collapsed
Hinged target frame locked with magnets holding backer
Locked target frame with magnets holding backer

I'm sure I'll be the envy of the range.