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Testimonial From AKA

After three decades of using paper targets on cardboard boxes, building target stands with PVC pipes and using multiple over the counter poor quality target stand options I discovered Target Meister. Their products are absolutely amazing. They are heavy duty and withstand windy shooting conditions and are also very well designed and made.

Target Meister also has one more very important feature pertaining to their company, and its their customer service and feedback. The company team is absolutely customer service oriented and follow through every step of the way during your purchase. They regularly ask for customer feedback and new ideas on how to improve the product from the shooters perspective. I have purchased multiple stands for family members and myself and I absolutely enjoy using them. The best part is when people at the range wonder about where someone like me found such a quality product. The stands are not just painted, they are powder coated and can withstand a lot of abuse.

I would recommend this product to any and every shooter who is looking to enhance his or her shooting experience. Best of all these stands are Made in America, its a small business owned by Americans who are employing Americans. We need people like these who create jobs and companies like these with excellent customer service to advance our country.