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Testimonial From Justin

I was finally able to go shooting this past weekend. I used the Dirty Harry stand and it worked out great. There was only one gust of wind that knocked my target over, but that was remedied with a couple of sand bags.

Dirty Harry Target Stand of customer Justin in El Paso

A friend of mine was with me and we both appreciated the genius of the Dirty Harry's design with the built in, adjustment free vertical furring strip slots. My friend was amazed at how stable it made the target. We also enjoyed the versatility of being able to go from a full size VTAC target to an IPSC target rapidly and easily.

Definitively the best target stand I've ever owned. A quality product, superior customer service, reasonable prices, and fast shipping - you've earned a life long customer in me.

Thanks and check out the attached photos. I'll send you better pictures down the road along with photos of the different ways I'm thinking of using the stand.