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Testimonial From Billman

My Dirty Harry target stands arrived about 30 minutes ago. They're a work of art and I'm glad I spent the extra $ to buy them.

My friend and I shoot at a local outdoor range that's family owned and managed. There are two range shelters that will accommodate up to 8 shooters/each. One shelter is for members only, the other is for pay-as-you-go shooters as space is available. It's a beautiful setup, but the target stands are home made of 2x4's and 2x2's - heavy, wobbly, and full of splinters from errant hits. At my age (79), carrying one of those things out to the 100 or 200 yd. mark is hard work. Especially if the sun's up high and the temps are over 90.

Your target stands are going to extend this old shooter's range time. I have a small flat bed wagon that I can load the stands and furring strips on; pulling them out to the 100/200/300 yd. mark with ease. If my son is in town we can spread the stands, mount two targets, and he can pull the wagon. How great is that?

Bottom line? Your target stands bring a lot more value than you might think.

Thank you for making my future range trips something to look forward to.