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Testimonial From Ken Baker

We can update you that we have counted over thirty range visits for various church folks, family, and friends with about half of those with the old Rowdy Yates and the other half with our newer Dirty Harry stands…I am pleased to let you know all three are still “standing” pardon the pun.

Oh, they’ve been shot more than once. And both my Dirty Harry stands have now been shot with our Desert Eagle .50 AE and survived!

Dirty Harry stand shot with Desert Eagle .50 AE bullet
If you look closely at the attached pics, you’ll see the evidence of the strikes.

I’ve retired the Rowdy due to the ease of use from the broader base the Dirty Harry gives me. We have lots of wind on occasion and the Dirty Harrys just do that much better at our range here in Southern California.

At almost every shoot we do, someone asks me about your stands…and I always give them your website and credit these stands with the ruggedness they have lived up to…especially after taking a .50AE round!

My wife has asked me for Christmas gift ideas this year…and I could not help but give her your link for yet another Dirty Harry stand.

God bless y’all there