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Testimonial From Michael Higashi, Ret. Lt. Montebello PD

Dear Clint,

I've used this stand now 4 times since purchasing it. I think it's the best stand out there and won't fall over even in significant winds/breeze, that's is a big plus for me. Stand stays rock solid and stays put and doesn't move, really aids in zero'ing long guns due to the stability. I cannot think of anything to add on this stand to make it even better, maybe a metal top cross member to fit over the wooden uprights, but I've just clamped on another wooden strip.

I have several friends that have seen it and will more then likely be purchasing one themselves. I'm sure glad I waited buying other stands and searched around on the Internet and found yours, think I would have been sorry if I purchased another brand.

A welder friend of mine saw your stand and said the quality of workmanship was top notch and for the price was an outstanding buy.

Thanks for making a quality Made in the USA product.

I'm also a retired police Lt. from Montebello PD, in CA.... been a firearms instructor for more than 30-years and this by far is a superior stand...