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Testimonial From Bob Flumere

Great product…which is the reason why I am ordering a second one!! The adjustable width is a great feature.

I put two pieces of EMT Tubing in it and adjust the width to hold several different type of metal spinning targets. This gives me the ability to drop in different Birchwood Casey style spinning targets. Here in Mass. the ground is all gravel and you just can't push this type of target into the ground and make it stay put. You are the only game in town to support these targets of varying widths at a good shooting height.

Dirty Harry stand setup with Birchwood Casey 4-swinger targets   Dirty Harry stand setup with Birchwood Casey steel plate swinger target

Here are a few pics of the TM in action at the Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club in Boylston, MA, with a few of the Birchwood Casey spinning targets. Also, the legs on these are at all different widths, but the TM gives you the ability to adjust the spacing to fit.

The TargetMeister with the EMT verticals is perfect to support these targets at a good height and EMT is so inexpensive that if you shoot it, you can either just shorten it 5–6" inches (tubing cutter) or toss it for new when it gets too beat up.

I want the second TM so that I can set up multiple targets at different distance and angles.

Thanks again for a great product!!