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Testimonial From David Polsley, Owner/Chief Instructor

I was looking at a BUNCH of different manufactures and decided to bite the bullet so to speak and pay a little more for what I perceived to be a better stand, and I was DEFINITELY right!. Not only are the stands way above what I expected, but the CS you, and your company have provided is absolutely top notch!

I'd like to have your permission to link your website... I am now an EXCLUSIVE user of Targetmeister stands!!!

In the current configuration for my students (I limit to 4 per class so they get the individual attention they expect and pay for), I am using the Dirty Harry stands at basically 72" wide to accomjodate 3-4 targets for multi-target engagement as well as limiting down time in setting up more targets... In the future however, I will be buying more DH stands to do multi-distance/multi-target engagements for some of my more advanced students.

I will start pointing other instructors and active IDPA/USPSA shooters to your site to get stands and such...