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I am totally surprised how well my Dirty Harry stand works. I have never seen a stand hold up to these northern Nevada winds. Your stand passed with flying colors.

I had the target stand out to bore sight a rifle last Friday. Went to do some running around and left the stand out. We were hit with a nasty storm that knocked down my fences. It also took out one of my trees. Your target stand was still standing. My old stand would have been in Utah.

Thanks for making something that works.

Bill Collins
Gardnerville, NV

The Wyatt Earp still works great (after 3 years). Haven't shot it with anything high powered, but it has taken a couple of .22 hits. No damage, except to the paint. Best target stand I have ever had…simple and rugged.

PS: I like the new target backers. They are easier to work with than the old roll up cardboard and seem a little tougher. As for your target stands, the only problem I see is that they hold up so well, you only get to sell one per user. I hope others will try your products out and see for themselves.

Milton O'Bryant
Midland, TX

I received a card from you a while back and just wanted to let you know that I really like the Target Meister that I purchased from your company. I had concerns about getting a longer base so the wind did not tip it over, but went with the shorter one as it would be easier to pack in the car to go to the range. There is enough stuff to fit into my small car. Glad I got the shorter one, the wind has never been a problem, it works great. I like the way it can be used any width of cardboard as well.

Hard to use at this time as it is "Below Zero" in Minneapolis right now. Could use some Arizona time. Keep up the good work, we love the product you produce.

Gene Janssen
Maple Grove, MN

Clint, I would like to take the time to thank you and your fantastic company for the old fashion American dream service on my order. The order was processed in lighting speed. I just recieved my dirty harry target stands along with a couple packs of the roll up backers and a pack of your targets.

I am totally completely impressed with every detail of my order. the process was simple the order was shipped almost immediately, the packaging was very professional.

The Dirty Harry target stands are extreme quality well thought out for ease of use. This stand can be adapted to almost any configuration any shooter can imagine. As a firearms instructor I can set these stand up for a multitude of situation drills for my students. they are so easy to transport to and from the range. easy to set up and take down. all I can say is Bravo! a professional target stand designed by shooters for shooters. You can be sure I will recommend Targetmeister Dirty Harry target stands to every student and fellow instructors that demand the very best.

Thank you for the very best target stands I have owned in 30 years. Thank you for being a super great American company that legally armed Americans can look to for quality and service.

Louie Stowel, ProDefense
Fort Myers, FL

Thank you for asking about the change to 18x30 and 30x30 in lieu of the 18x48. I have no problem with that and appreciate your taking the time to check. I love not only your beautiful products, but the considerate way that you run your business!

I am sure that Target Meister will continue to be a huge success not only because of its excellent products, but perhaps even more so because of your phenomenal customer service! You spoil your customers for all other Internet retailers!

Frederick Feldbauer
Willsboro, NY

My Dirty Harry target stands arrived about 30 minutes ago. They're a work of art and I'm glad I spent the extra $ to buy them.

My friend and I shoot at a local outdoor range that's family owned and managed. There are two range shelters that will accommodate up to 8 shooters/each. One shelter is for members only, the other is for pay-as-you-go shooters as space is available. It's a beautiful setup, but the target stands are home made of 2x4's and 2x2's - heavy, wobbly, and full of splinters from errant hits. At my age (79), carrying one of those things out to the 100 or 200 yd. mark is hard work. Especially if the sun's up high and the temps are over 90.

Your target stands are going to extend this old shooter's range time. I have a small flat bed wagon that I can load the stands and furring strips on; pulling them out to the 100/200/300 yd. mark with ease. If my son is in town we can spread the stands, mount two targets, and he can pull the wagon. How great is that?

Bottom line? Your target stands bring a lot more value than you might think.

Thank you for making my future range trips something to look forward to.

Winterville, NC

I am extremely happy with the obvious high quality of workmanship that has gone into the manufacture of this product. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at the very quick process and delivery time of your product. I have already forwarded your link to all my e-mail friends and relatives with high recommendation. Thanks again for a great product.

John O'Neal
Lancaster, CA

I received my Wyatt Earp stands yesterday, thanks for the fast shipping. I have a question about the stakes. One stand came with 4, the other 2. How many are supposed to come with each stand?

[Target Meister edit: We made a mistake. All Wyatt Earp stands should include four spikes.]

I will be taking these to the range shortly. Having previously purchased the Dirty Harry stand, I'm sure I will enjoy these just as much. My friends and I love how these lock the furring strips into place. Keep up the great work!

William Hamilton
Yuma, AZ

He loves it. He's used it several times at the range and intends on buying a few more. He was a Marine. He says it's simple, stable and a "great piece of gear". That's about the highest praise you'll ever receive from him.

Thanks so much.

Eric & Raquel Schrumpf
Chattanooga, TN

I bought a huge (60 by 72 inches) zombie target from ZMBIndustries as we like to shoot with friends.

Harold with his zombie targets on the Dirty Harry target stand
This stand is perfect for this target.

Got several questions about where I got the stand and target. I guessed I would so I had printed up copies of the link to you and ZMB. Several wanted your web address, maybe you'll hear from some of them.

I really like how stable the stands were with the longer boards. Used some cheap clamps (Lowes $2) to hold the target. Fortunately, my wife and I didn't take any of them out!

Anaheim, CA

The stand is awesome, I could not be happier. I can tell by the quality and the design, you guys take pride in your work. It's great to see someone still cares about making a quality product for a great price. Every chance I get I tell fellow shooters about your stands, and how well built they are, they are flawless. That says alot coming from me, because I can usually find a design flaw or something "they could've done better", in any product, but I cannot think of anything that could be improved upon on the Dirty Harry stand I have. Big name supply stores cannot match what you are doing, please keep up the good work and keep the prices reasonable and you will have tremendous success. I will continue to encourage people to buy from you. God bless.

Robert Lowe
Clarksville, TN

I am part owner of a tug boat repair company here in NY Harbor. I know good metal working when I see it. Your stand is a genuine quality product that will last many years in a tough environment. I throw mine in the back of a pick up truck, drag it into the woods and shoot at it. When I stop shooting, I will give it to my nephews for another lifetime of service. Thanks for caring and keep up the good work.

Long Beach, NY

I couldn't be more impressed with your Dirty Harry target stand. I'm pretty sure it could withstand a direct nuclear hit.

It's tough to fit full length furring strips into my Mini Cooper, so I made collapsable ones. I cut 'em in half, painted them Target Meister orange (courtesy of a Home Depot paint match), screwed on hinges, and then added gate hook & eyes to keep them rigid when upright. I superglued two super magnets onto each strip and use four more super magnets to attach the cardboard backing. (If anyone tries this, they should not let the magnets touch as it's almost impossible to pry them apart. It's not a problem, though, when the cardboard is in between.)

Dirty Harry Stand assembled with hinged frame
Dirty Harry Stand assembled with hinged target frame and magnetic backers
Hinged furring strips for target frame
Hinged target frame - collapsed
Hinged target frame locked with magnets holding backer
Locked target frame with magnets holding backer

I'm sure I'll be the envy of the range.

Chuck Ungar
Fleming, PA

I have used the stand and I absolutely love it. The design, the quality, and the finish are all top notch. I would highly recommend this product. Looking forward to warmer weather so I can take my boys shooting again.

George Radonjich
Akron, OH

I was finally able to get out and use the target stand and it worked great. I only got to try it in about a 10 mph wind and it held up just fine. As soon as I find a new shooting place I'll try to test it in higher wind. It seemed to work well in uneven terrain as well. I used a piece of cardboard stapled to two furring strips and a highpower 300 yard target on that. The pieces are light enough to carry out 500 yards into a field and set up with no problem. I'm sure I will get many years of use out of the stands.

Martin Bourque
Bozeman, MT

Many thanks for the target, I had the opportunity to use the stand this weekend, and I have to tell you, it was the best! Easy to put up, easy to take down, everything worked like a charm, and that is rare in this day and age!

PS I don't know if it's helpful - but I went to home depot to buy the wood to use with the stand, I bought what was listed as 11/16 X 1 3/8 and it fit perfectly - some customers might be confused while looking for 1X2s. At any rate, the Wyatt Earp stand had me covered with the unique feature you have going on the posts where it holds the wood perfectly secure, yet making removal quite easy as well.

Clint M.
Tempe, AZ

I have been using the target stand regularly and it has been amazing! Great how it fits in my hatch back without taking up to much space.

Cockeysville, MD

Hi Clint:

I finally got out to the range with your target stand, and I love it. It is easy to carry, set up, and take down. Another range I go to uses chicken wire as a backing downrange, and you hang your targets using wooden clothes pins. They just set 4x4's about every 8 feet and staple a roll of chicken wire across. I think I will try to adapt that to the Dirty Harry instead of using the cardboard.

I looked at stands on Midway USA, Cabela's, and Brownell's. Then yours popped up on a Google search. It is perfect. I like the deflectors as insurance against irreparable damage from an errant round (it happens) and the fact that the cross-piece is sacrificial 1x2 rather than steel. It also makes it easier to break down, store, and carry.

James Carroll
Aberdeen, MD

Hi Clint - I have indeed used the stand, and it is an absolutely excellent product. I am most pleased to have found it.

Jeff Chapman
Laporte, MN

The stands have worked perfectly for me. I use the Dirty Harry stands for my long range rifle and setup the Wyatt Earp stand for closer range pistol practice. All my shooting is done on a West Texas ranch so we have a bit of wind at times. Obviously, the Wyatt Earp stand can be anchored with the self-contained pegs. I use 25 pound sand bags to stabilize the Dirty Harry stands.

Initially, I ordered the rollup cardboard for backing but I have found the more rigid rectangular pieces of cardboard work best for me. I can shoot many rounds before I have to change the backing.

Clint, your product is quality and I am pleased to be one of your customers. Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope you have a blessed year in 2014.

21–40 of 220 Testimonials