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The target stands are awesome. I really like them and they work great and are easy to transport. I just leave them in my truck all the time. Thank you again. Great product!!

J. Somal MD
Scottsdale, AZ

I teach basic firearms as well as advanced, LE active shooter, carbine, shotgun.

These stands are great. I used them just once before the weather changed (Too cold). I plan to get another 15 this summer.

Joseph Calderone
Orland Park, IL

I was successful getting a nice antelope buck. I've enclosed a picture.

Bruce and his WY antelope

I've also enjoyed using your target stands at the shooting range preparing for that hunt. I hope that your brochures I've passed out to other shooters resulted in them purchasing one of your shooting stands cause almost every time I go out to the shooting range there's someone inquiring where I got my stands.

Bruce Kucker
Watertown, SD

Thanks for the quick ship - I am an instructor so the Dirty Harry Target Stand is going to ensure I have a proper base for hanging targets and qualifying students.

I looked into making my own - but your wheel just looks better and I found no need to re-invent.

Everyone I have shown it to loves the design!

Jeff Condon
Raleigh, NC

I've used it several times in the last four months...... It's GREAT !!!! Easy to set-up, superb craftsmanship and I even used it with my chronograph. ☺

As for the use with the crono., all I did was set up my CED-M2 chronograph on an adjustable tripod, put the target stand down range, visually measured height of my firearm trajectory and adjusted tripod height. Very convenient, the cool thing with your stand is, all you have to do is push or pull the stand for whatever distance you want on the target.

Steve Roberts
Ft. Worth, TX

Everything worked great. A simple but very useful way to target practice. I am recommending it to my shooting buddies.

Sam Halstead
Dekalb, IL

They work great! Thanks for putting together a great product.

Fraser Disney-Willis
Marina Del Rey, CA

The stands are awesome!! I have used them in class and on a personal basis several times and they couldn't be more versatile! I believe the design is very innovative and perfect for all applications. I used them last weekend to zero my .308 and .223 for an upcoming hunting trip. I took them from my pistol range to the where I needed them for 100 yard shots with ease. It was as simple as the videos show by merely grabbing them I threw them in my 4 wheeler trailer and I was on my way in seconds.

T-Unimpeded firearm training with 3 Wyatt Earp Target Stands
Please see the picture attached of a student firing at the qualification range. I have recommended them to several people and will continue to do so.

Thanks for everything and feel free to use this testimonial and image at will to promote your Target Meister products.

I have used it a few times already. Very well made and very adjustable. Great item!

Dino Romano
Ocean, NJ

I have been using my stand and it works great. High quality and very easy to use; what more could you ask for.

Vern Sheffield
Dalzell, SC

Worked great!! Wind was blowin so i used corn to stabilize.

Dirty Harry stand with X321 silhouette paper targets
No one got hurt w over 200 rounds fired.
Eric Berkman
Bellaire, TX

First I would like to say your running a top notch company! Just to have the owner/operator send me emails checking in on a specific product to see how it worked or didn't work shows a lot for your business model. Don't ever change and you will make a multi-million dollar enterprise in no time. Thank you!!!!

The product did exactly as advertised, providing a firm base for the 1X2's target frame. Fortunately for me I didn't have any zingers or low balled shots strike the frame and really test your deflection system. But I will take the product reviews online for that one!!

I spent five hours at the range and fired 750 rounds from my AM-15 and then another 300 from my XDM 45. I cut the 1X2's to be five foot high and my cross beams three and a half foot in width. The whole time not a breeze or strong gust of wind phased my target. Mean while the rest of the range was picking their targets up and calling seize fire on line to many times. People as always where shooting their stupid PVC pipes into pieces like crazy and then others using the metal frames like the one Glock puts out were shooting their hardware off!

I must have been the envy of the range and man it felt good to not have to worry about if I had enough pieces of PVC to last the day. I had multiple guys asking me where I got my stand and many would take a quick walk buy it when resetting their own piles of crap, LOL. I spoke very highly of Target Miester to each and everyone of them for you!

I will be heading out again this Sunday for a few hours as well. Once again thanks for checking in I really appreciate it. Tell the crew great job and nice work. Keep turning out great products that work and shooters will buy them! Have a great night, I wish you guys all the best. If you need me to do some product showcasing sometime let me know, wink wink!!!!

Shawn Ashe
Bel Air, MD

Man, oh man! What an awesome invention brother! Keep in mind that I'm a super noob. Your stand made me look and feel like a pro. Fast fast set up. I had four 24x44 champion green targets side by side! I was at Mike Raahauge's shooting range. A ton of shooters this weekend. I would say about 18-20 people asked where I bought the stand. Everybody was pussyfootin' around with 2x4's & stuff. Dude, there are no other stands worth mentioning. Ever! I had a great day of shooting thanks in large to TARGET MEISTER. As soon as I scrape up a few bucks I'll be ordering a couple of the Billy the Kids...and a few tee shirts if you sell them.

Jorge Rodriguez
Moreno Valley, CA


A quick e-mail to let you know that my son, his friend, and myself loved your stand.

I took one of the stands to Home Depot and fit it for the wood. The wood was a standard size. That showed me you did your home work on your product.

This Sat. we went shooting, using rifles as well as pistols.

It was very easy to set up. We then put the backing and target on it, (just as easy).

There was even a slight wind. Didn't effect it in the least. The target shooting didn't either. One more important detail, it was very easy to move from place to place.

I wish you all the best in your business and may God bless.

Rollie Powell
Elkmont, AL

These backer rolls work great. Much easier to use a staple gun to attach to my wood target frame. Love that they roll up and can be stored easier. Much better than using the thicker cardboard. Excellent product and will purchase them again.

Russell Wroblewski
Leland, NC

Hello Clint - I was at the range again today, and I must say you have a quality product. It's a joy to use. For me, the portability is a win situation! I had to deal with some wind today, so I used two stakes and it was no longer a problem. Thanks for making a quality product!!

Steve Millis
Canon City, CO

We love the setup of these Wyatt Earp Stands so much we cancelled an order from a different company to specifically purchase yours. The locking system was the icing on the cake, but the build quality overall just seemed superior as they were finished very nicely (last concern), and were lighter/stacked easier.

firearm training on the Wyatt Earp Target Stands

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the product to anyone; I think you have a great product on your hands at a very reasonable price.

Quantico, VA

We received the order last night and would like to tell you the packaging and products within are first class. I have already assembled a test target like instructed on your video and my wife Sheila and I are ready to head to the range this weekend. Thanks for providing a service and great product to those of us that really need it.

3 weeks later …

We have been to the range several times using the products we purchased from TargetMeister. Every thing works as advertised and is very simple to set up. We will be ordering some new targets soon!

Thanks for your support and products.

Gary Carver
Corinth, MS

I'm very impressed with your product so far. I didn't read about the wooden block used to attach the bases together to prevent damage in the bag until after I had already cut out some cardboard pieces to divide the carry case.

target stand bag with cardboard divider

The cardboard packing materials that came with the stand bases can be easily utilized as dividers in the Target Meister case. Just trim along the outer fold on each piece of shipping cardboard. Lengthwise, each U-shaped divider may be shortened according to your personal preference.

Thanks for the great product.

Dr. Robert Chrest
Charleston, WV

Went to the range....most everyone is interestingly looking at my new stand. Few ask some questions how it works...told them Excellent...told them the website to look for....great product...After installation...Steady as can be..even with some wind blowing...some of the guys broke their rented targets...had to pay for them..Hehe..Shud have gone for the target meister...Will be going to the range again soon..since im not satisfied yet with my time there...pretty crowded...Lots of luck Clint

Reseda, CA
41–60 of 220 Testimonials