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Keep up the best customer service ever it's certainly a rare experience these days!

Martha Prantil
Oakmont, PA

I just wanted to thank you for the additional stands. We have been thinking up all kinds of creative uses (attached photo) for these very flexible target holders.

Dirty Harry Stand with hanging baseball and bowling pin targets

The first set has proven quite durable to everything, including some stray Mosin Nagant rounds, and is doing great.

Ashland, VA

I've been to the range several times since i bought the Dirty Harry stands. I use them every time I go. They are one of the best shooting investments I have ever made.

The club I belong to has stationary target stands but they are fixed at 10, 25, 100 yards etc,. With the Dirty Harry I can place my targets at any distance I wish.

Great product! Hope you are selling lots of them.

Terry Barnhill
Greenwood, AR

Used the Dirty harry a few days ago. Worked like a champ. I was shooting 45acp at about 8yds.

Even had a little wind. Stand held up just fine. Great product. Would definately recommend to other shooters.

Al Cappi
Sanbornville, NH

I don't know if I mentioned but I primarily shoot airguns these days and wanted a stand that I could mount various targets from. One of which is a british style bell target. I'll include some pictures of this set up. I have also mounted some spinner targets and just love the versatility your stand provides.

Frong view of British bell target
Front view of British-style bell target mounted on a Dirty Harry Target Stand
Side view of british bell target
Side view of the British-style bell target
Michael Rearick
Bargersville, IN

The target stands work great. I store them in a little shed at the range, and they're easy to set up and take down. I'm thoroughly pleased with them.

Haven't used the carry bag much, since the stands stay at the range, but I'm glad I have it in case I need it.

Walter Brower, Certified NRA Pistol Instructor
Hayden, AL

The Dirty Harry Stand is perfect for target practice. Setting it up couldn't be easier. Transporting it to the open range site is easy.

I can't think of a better design for this product because it meets every need I have for it.

You've created a wonderful product with a beautiful design: stable, durable, easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to clean up for storage.

Shooting gallery frame on a Dirty Harry Stand Shooting gallery setup on a Dirty Harry Target Stand
I love the stand and my shooting gallery. It's just plain fun. And easy.

Nice work! Many thanks for this product.

Lon Waltenberger
Olympia, WA

Just got home from work and the target stand is here. Looks great, will use it this weekend. Great customer service so far.

2 days later …

Used the stand today. Great product, very impressed.

Scott Anthony
New Boston, NH

I've used the Dirty Harry stand a few times now and wanted to pass along how pleased I am with my purchase. The stand is built like a tank, yet setup and transporting is a breeze. I would offer ideas on how to make the product better, but I'm not sure improvement is possible. It's as good as advertised.

By the way, the Dirty Harry came highly recommended by a fellow enthusiast here in my hometown of Frankfort, Kentucky.

Frankfort, KY

OK, Clint…this just isn't normal.

If you're going to give that level of personalized service, what am I supposed to do with every other purchase I make?

I guess it's all downhill from here, as the step off from your attention to detail and communication is a BIG one!

The RY is perfect. I also like the fact that in a pinch I can put furring strips inside the ground tubes for extra stability…nicely done!

I'll be advertising for you, and will likely be buying more as gifts.

Thanks for thinking through this SO WELL!!!

I am sincerely grateful that you make such simple, well-designed, compact, and lightweight solutions, Clint.

Rowdy Yates Target Stand conveniently stored in the back of an SUV
First is the car storage image. Might want to note the transversely-stored two 4' strips behind the back seat. They're for wind stabilization (see target stands below).
Rowdy Yates Target Frame setup with horizontal attacker targets
And here's the horizontal attacker photo, with the normal Yates (right) for comparison. I only use 6' strips, to mimic 6' tall attackers, and I prefer the fallen attacker to be closer to the upright one, as it seems somehow more realistic, to me anyway. Note the wind stabilizing strips.
Target frame constructed using a ratcheting clamp.
And here is a closeup of the ratcheting clamp I found and prefer. It's from Lowes. They come in a 4-pack.
El Paso, TX

Being a range master I am use to training LEOs and shooting on some of the best range equipment around, with that being said your portable "Dirty Harry stand" is outstanding. I love how easy it is to set up and take down, it is very stable (I use a 1x2 to connect them together), and when I use for classes (twice) the students think it is part of the target system that we have. I want to say a very good job.

Thanks for making a great product and outstanding customer service.

[Retired Sgt. From the Clarke County Sheriff's Office in Athens, GA]

Hi Clint, Was on vacation, but my new target stand was here when I got back. Didn't realize the spikes were in there, thanks. Heading out to try it this weekend. Everyone at my local outdoor range loves my first stand, they all ask where to get one and I ALWAYS give them your website. Hoping I'm getting you business, your stands are the best!!

a week later …

Went out to the range yesterday again. Enjoyed the new stand, now I can practice transitions for competition. The outdoor range in the state park here leaves me just enough room for two in front of my stand area. I like both of the stands, will probably get one more.

Norma Powell
Summerville, SC

I will be using my 7mm Ultramag topped with a Leopold 4 1/2 X 14 Long Range multireticle scope which I purchased a few years ago. I love this gun and really enjoy shooting targets up to a 1000 yds. This is why I thought I would try your stands. Since I will be out there for the start of the rut I will also be bringing my TC Triumph Muzzeloader and my Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow.

a week later …

I recieved the stand in good shape and absolutely enjoy using it and that is why I ordered another one. This time I thought I would try your top of the line.

Jerry Leingang
Edmore, ND

Hi Clint, Dirty Harry still working and as a certified instructor it makes things a lot easier at the range and since I teach in multiple states with Harry I have consistency wherever I go, trying targets and backing.

Already gave away your company name to six people (send some business cards). the instructors love the target set up.

Morniel Mathaway, Certified Instructor
Clermont, FL

Stand arrived yesterday -- was at my house when I got home. Looks great. I can hardly wait to try it out. If it works as well as it looks I will be showing it off at the shooting club I joined and my Women On Target group. I am so glad I found your site on line.

4 months later … another order placed

Received them in good order, Clint and as with the first one I bought I'm very happy with them.

I really am very pleased with these stands!!

Dotty Didier
Findlay, OH

The product is great and easy to set up. I'd recommend it to all that shoot.

Jeffrey Held
Chalmette, LA

Used the Wyatt Earp target stands for the first time today at an outdoor public range here in Wyoming. When we first set up, there was no wind. But, true to Wyoming form, the wind soon kicked in at a good clip. We staked down the stands and shot for a couple of hours with no problems whatsoever. These are absolutely fantastic stands. I'd been looking for stands for a long time, and had held off buying the Targetmeister stands simply because of the cost…they are a little pricey. But after using them, I wish I'd gotten them a year ago…they were great. Fantastic product…excellent welds and design…solid. Just about everyone around here shoots, and I will enthusiastically recommend your stands.

Joel Burbank
Green River, WY

After sitting outside since purchase date (July 2010), it still looks new. Good job powder coating!!

Weston, CO

Tuesday I had a chance to try out your Rowdy Yates target stand and it worked great! I bought some 1x2 furring strips cut to length and just popped them in. It was easy to move and very sturdy. Thanks for a great product.

David Rusher
West Columbia, SC

I received my Wyatt Earp Target Stand today. It is really nice. I did use the box as the the first target back. The spray adhesive is a good idea. I set the stand in the back yard - so I could just open the den door and shoot at it without having to stay out in the 100 degree Texas weather. I live in a subdivision so I shot at it with a Beretta BB/Pellet pistol. It has a little recoil - like a real gun. I have a box of B-27E targets from GUNFUN so I will be shooting out the door for a while. My wife is just learning to shoot a pistol so we will get her used to shooting at silhouette. We have a good place to go shoot at a farm. We shoot .22s,.38 Spc and .40s

The workmanship and finish are really nice and I commend you on the stand. The bridge nails are a good idea. I am going to take the stand up to the local gun shop and show it to the owner. I think these stands will sell themselves if people see them.

Walter Neaves
Belton, TX
61–80 of 220 Testimonials