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The Dirty Harry Target Stand is a great product. But you probably know that I think that, since I am getting my second one.

Bryan, OH

If they do what we want I will be ordering more.

second order placed seven months later …

We like them. They are compact, light, and easy to use.

I recently purchased the Dirty Harry Target Stand from Target Meister and I can't say enough about it. Great!! Stand!!---strong and durable--set up was a breeze. I was target shooting in no time at all. Customer Service is exceptional--order arrived on the day Mr. Pachl told me it would--he even followed up with an email and made sure I had received my stand. If you are in the market for a good sturdy shooting stand, I suggest you purchase the Dirty Harry Target Stand. Well worth your money--I am sure the other stands they offer are just as good but I always go that extra mile. I am very pleased and will recommend these stands to my friends. Happy Shooting!!!!

Gilberto Garcia
Rio Grande City, TX

I am a military combat vet & law enforcement special operations leader/training & additionally run private martial arts & firearms training. The issue for us is portability & so your product seems ideal!

2 weeks later…

I have to tell you that your target stands are rugged, portable, fully functional, etc. I just ordered 5 more for training.

Just a few more photos to give you and idea as to how we created a room to do room entry using the target stands.

Threshold assessment of non-ballistic shoot room (wide view)
We can use them to make a non-ballistic shoothouse that you can take down & throw in a car.
Threshold assessment of non-ballistic shoot room
Threshold assessment
Enter non-ballistic shoot room
Room entry

Dave got the Wyatt Earp Stand and is already using it. Your follow-up email with some tips was also very helpful and appreciated. The target stand nicely accommodates standard size backing products, which allows the use of most of the important splatter and other types of targets available on the market. The stand itself is very sturdy and attractive, and the new addition of stakes is a welcome enhancement. Our thanks for producing such a quality product, and we hope you get the word out to many more shooters. For me, the decision was easy after exploring your excellent website!

Bruce Buckley
Vienna, VA

The Dirty Harry target stands are working great. We have been out shooting several times since we purchased them and we really love the ease and simplicity of your stands. Only five minutes to setup and we are ready to shoot. They have even stood up very well to the wind without tipping and their ease of use has made our shooting trips to the desert even more enjoyable. We are really taking advantage of the formalized targets instead just a bunch of cardboard boxes.

Thanks again for your wonderful product.

James Wilson
Mesa, AZ

Target Stand is working great, you can tell there was a lot of thought put in to designing it. Great product.

John Davis, President/C.E.O., Ed F. Davis, Inc.
Durant, OK

Everything worked as advertized. Great products.

Easy to unbox and quickly use. Each stand looked and worked great!

I like the flexibility of the Dirty Harry for spread configurations of targets, I mounted three targets wide on each of pair of stands using 8 ft 1x2's. The results was a lot more shooting and a lot less changing targets.

I also liked the simplicity, fast set up and portability of the Wyatt Earp stands too. I moved them around to give different looks to the course during the session. The spikes came in handy, also easy to use.

As I invite others to shoot with me, I am sure you will have some orders come your way, glad to pass on the information on such a great product.

One more note, I just took the stands to Texas on a Spring Turkey and hog hunt over the weekend.

While we were not hunting, we were target shooting with all kinds of firearms. Both types of stands were huge hits! The stands are so easy to travel with and to move around the range for different distances.

Every one that saw them asked - where did I find these, I told them of course Target Meister.

Bill Yarberry
Overland Park, KS

I did receive the stand and bag earlier this week, and I was able to try them out at the range yesterday. The stand is awesome! Great build quality, sturdy, and the auto-secure feature for the vertical 1x2s works perfectly.

Thanks again for the great product and customer service. I will make sure to show off the stand to anyone at the range that has a crappy target stand!

Sam Burns
Greenfield, WI

I was looking for some type of shooting target when a member of my gun club set up his Wyatt Earp stand. I was sold after 5 seconds.

When I got home I decided to order 2. You made training my kids much easier and now I'll even look more professional on the range.

Earl Lynch, Ret. NYC Detective
Highland Mills, NY

I got my stand yesterday and I'm happier than a puppy with 2 peckers! I have tried 7 other stands over the last 10 years, nothing is reliable. The grounds too rocky to pound plastic or metal stands & we have 40 mile an hour Washoe Zephers so everything eventualy blows over, plus any part of the target stand that can be shot, WILL BE SHOT!! I think you have seen this and built the worlds best target stand, and the orange paint is flawless, I think you designed a great product that is well worth the money!

The springs that hold the uprights are a stroke of genius, no more wind shifting the target hither & yon!

Feel free to use my corespondence for advertising, I found your company on the internet when I finally got so frustrated at the range I decided to quit being cheap and find something that works! I think it was money well spent.

Charles Weakland
Las Vegas, NV

I did some browsing for target stands and found this to be one of the best built products on the market that was reasonably priced and should last a lifetime.

I have already forwarded your site to friends to buy your products and I am sure some of them will.

Also, I appreciate your very fast shipping. Based on your customer service and the quality of the products, I anticipate that your company will be very successful and I will pass the word at every opportunity.

Michael Ballinger, Home Loan Professional
Riverside, CA

Received my stand, thank you!

Impressed with the quality and weight.. cant wait to take it out on Saturday..

A friend of mine bought one of your other models and was also very happy with it.. Will be happy to share your information with anyone who is interested.

Glen Burnie, MD

I teach concealed weapons classes in SC so needing good quality range equipment is important. I've been using Target Meister targets for about a year now & find them to be excellent quality and sturdy. Just recently I needed to expand & got back to Clint Pachl for more targets. I found he had improved the stability of the stands by adding a method to secure the targets to the ground with spikes. We sometimes have to shoot in windy conditions & this would prove to be a great addition. I placed my order and the target stands were delivered in plenty of time! I highly recommend Target Meister stands for your needs too! For me they are time tested.

We've used the stand several times. It has worked great, very easy to set up. It is nice to have permanent stand in place that you don't have to worry about falling over or coming apart over time. We are very pleased.

Morrisville, NC

The Dirty Harry Stands have worked great. It's easy to troop down range 100 yards with the stands, two sticks, recycled cardboard and postal tape and create a set of targets in a minute. No wind problems to worry about. Makes my son and I look like we know what we are doing. Also, having two shooting targets with a bore site target between them means we may not have to go back downrange until we need to collect the target stuff to leave.

The Rowdy Yates stands will be used to put targets up quickly for pistol shooting also. We figure to put three targets across with metal plinker targets strapped to the sticks below them. It will make shooting more fun for my 9 year old grandson. The wire frame stuff just doesn't hold up and is hard to get in the ground at the Yuma County range.

I may have to order another set of stands to accommodate friends who now want to learn to shoot. Obama has done wonders for the gun industry. When ammunition manufacturers catch up, the amount that is stored in reserve out there will really give them something to think about. Long live the second amendment!

Yuma, AZ

Got my target stand and I'm very pleased with the quality of the stand.

Went shooting today, the target stand worked just fine. The 1x2 uprights fit very snug with the spring device you installed in the target stand.

Ed Johnson
Snow Hill, MD

The first 2 Dirty Harry's stands are great. I'm sold on them. No regrets what so ever. The reason for the new order is that I had to replace mine. No, not from any problems with the stand. I have a new Son in Law and he found out how great they work so he now has my old one. Should anymore son or daughter in laws come along who enjoy shooting I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again.

Dave Godwin
Marion, IA

The stand is working out great. I like having the ability to modify it to fit the type of shooting I'm doing. I can put up 8ft wide and 6ft tall 1x2s and have 2-4 people shooting at once. Or I can put 2ft wide and tall 1x2s and use it to shoot prone. The options are endless.

The only way to improve on this stand in my opinion is to put holes in the legs to stake it. I took some rebar and bent it like a U and I insert them over the front and back of each leg. Because when you get a good wind it just wants to blow over.

Thanks for the great customer service

Orland Park, IL

I got everything (Dirty Harry, X321 Targets, 18x30 Backers) and I am very impressed. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Joe Savage
Grove, OK
81–100 of 220 Testimonials