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I received the T stand today. The delay was of no concern and even I have almost no control of the weather. I will be happy to spread the word of the excellence of product and even better customer service.

If I could justify buying another I would. But since I can adjust the stand to accommodate two targets even if I shoot with both hands I still only need one stand. And being a responsible gun owner I have a rule to not shoot with my feet!

Thanks again for the product, service and follow up.

Dennis Mooney
Saint Augustine, FL

I used the Rowdy Yates stand this weekend and it worked great. I just grabbed a couple of rocks and set them on the legs. The legs probably would have worked fine without the weight but I figured I'd use the rocks anyways. I shoot in the desert so tent stakes aren't really an option. You make a fine product. The fact that the feet are separate is why I bought from you over others. Also I like the tabs in the stands that keep the 1x2s in the feet tight.

Orders second stand …

I just received the Dirty Harry stand last night. Thanks for the follow up. I will recommend your product to anyone I know.

Rob Whitney
Norco, CA

Received stands... they are great...most trainers build their own...I like the way they stack.

Your stands are not cheap but I'm sure they will be the last stands I have to buy.

Jack Frontz
Coshocton, OH

I purchased these stands for my husbands birthday, he loves them and can't believe how wonderful and durable the stands are. He was at our Gun Range here in Florida this past weekend and they worked perfectly, and not to mention the other range members coming over to see the stands and ask were he got them. He just might be a salesman for you. I thank you for your follow up e-mails, and great service. I hope you and your family and your company have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Manuela Schulze
Clermont, FL

My Wyatt Earp stand has been fantastic. I've been using it about twice a month since I bought it back in 2010. I'm really proud of it.

As always, thank you for the great service and the awesome stand. I don't go shooting without it. I'll do my best to send you some business.

Lou K.
Prescott, AZ

I have a lot of friends that shoot and can't wait to show these off. I was very impressed by the quality of them. I will have them out next weekend, making all of my shooting buddies with makeshift stands jealous. I'm sure you will be hearing from some of them to purchase their own.

A week later…

Ryan and his family at gun range with their Wyatt Earp Target Stand
Had a blast this weekend. Seriously the easiest target set up ever. Here is a picture of the family with one of my target stands in the background.
Ryan Ellis
Surprise, AZ

Your web sight is straight forward, attractive and easy to navigate. The photos are great! Clear and depicts your products very well, so much that its a no-brainer. The photos and details of product description instantly helped me make my decision to buy your target stands.

6 days later …

Your stand arrived today and I am completely impressed with your personal touch and follow through. Your attention to customer detail is unbelievable. Thank You.

On a personal note, I found your product on the internet browsing. As I stated, your product look well constructed, simple and well made.

You bag me as a fully satisfied customer. I will definitely endorse your products. Good luck in your new business.

Carlton Lum
San Mateo, CA

First, let me say that your prompt acknowledgment to my order put me at ease. Second, delivery was outstanding. Third, your Rowdy Yates has been everything that you advertised. I look forward to many years of continued use. I will have no hesitation in recommending this product or of singing your praises.

Joe Hunter
Sikeston, MO

I Received the Dirty Harry Target stand over the weekend and went to the lumber yard to get the 1 X 2 furring strips I needed. I remembered reading one of your customer testimonials about a customer who used the furring strips to build what I call a Take-Down Target Stand and I liked the idea so much I decided to do the same. So I assembled the frame (the vertical height of the stand is 72 inches, horizontal length is 36 inches) with wing nuts, washers, and bolts to allow a 36"X 48" target backer area with room to spare. Just like your other customer I drilled another hole into each vertical side of the frame that enables me to remove one wing nut and bolt from each crossing piece and then reattach it to its vertical side piece when taking down the stand.

Take-down Target Stand by customer James

I used an Elmer's 36"X 48" Tri-Fold Corrugated Display Board (bought at Wal-Mart for $2.50) as the target backing and attached it to the furring strips with 4 large binder clips available at any stationary store. Works just beautifully and adds further stability to the stand. It takes 1 to 2 minutes to put up or take down the stand and maybe a minute or two to attach the targets.

When we're finished shooting we remove the backer by removing those large paper clamps, taking out the cross brace and inserting a 5" cross brace to bring the stand feet together, and then using a short piece of twine to bind the uprights together. Makes for easy transport and is all together for setup next time we shoot.

Your Dirty Harry made my Take-Down target stand possible. Thanks for a great product!

A week later…

My wife and I put the stand together as I described in my first email and quickly spent a morning shooting targets. Really a nice experience! The stand makes all the difference in having a pleasant shooting session outside and not in an indoor range. I can't compliment you folks enough on the quality product that you make. We're really glad we found your website and were able to order from you.

We just had to show our daughter and her husband the stand and they will be shortly ordering a Dirty Harry for themselves.

James Burkhart
Union, MO

I must say I was very impressed with the quality of everything I purchased (stand, bag, backers). I can't wait to get to the shooting range and put everything to the test. What really blew me away however was the fact that included with my shipment was a set of paper targets and two pairs of ear plugs! I wasn't expecting those bonuses. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Thank you so much for your great products and customer service!

Caleb Thompson
Forest Hill, MD

Clint, Thank you so much for the follow-up. The stand and backings are simply awesome. I took them to the range today and everything worked great! Thank you again for an awesome product. Most importantly your genuine care and exceptional customer service had won me over and I will be your loyal life-long customer. I will most certainly spread the word!!

Toufic Saad
Paintsville, KY

I got some wood and set it up. I am very pleased with my purchase. Showed it to some gun buddies and they liked it too. Hopefully they'll crack open their wallets. I immediately noticed that it didn't try to turn over in a breeze like the cheaper one I have.

Mike S.
Senatobia, MS

It was great. Easy to set up. Stable. A big improvement from what I was using prior. It's really a well made product. I know that I will be buying a few more.

Joshua Holland II
Point Pleasant, WV

Used the stand yesterday and it worked perfectly. Stand is made extremely well and provides the opportunity to adjust to different sizes and also packs very well onto my Jeep Wrangler!!! My shooting buddy and another patron at the range were very impressed. Told them about you.

Bob Buettner
Severn, MD

Hi Clint,

Tom and I used the stand and target today and we are very impressed. Tom had some target replacements that matched the black targets and fit over the center of the targets so they cover all the holes. Those would be helpful to get if you make them. Also I went to Home Depot and bought squeeze clamps to attach the target and cardboard backing to the furrings. This makes for fast and easy set up and breakdown--instead of stapling. Much better and cleaner. I gave Tom your info. He used to make metal stands and sell them at gun shows so he appreciated your workmanship.

Rich Vertel, Jimmy John's Restaurant Owner
Tucson, AZ

Took my stands out Last week end to try out with a second operator. Worked like a champ, fast and slick. The Dog Eared 1X2's was the ticket. They stayed in no problem. We moved them all around for different shooting senarios by the sticks and they all stayed solid. Bought some clamps to affix some makeshift cardboard backers with targets to the stands. We were shooting the El Presidente in ten minutes after getting there. Good Stuff, Great portabillity. LUV EM. l look forward to do business with you down the road and spreading the word as I do.

Wesley B Vick
Reno, NV

Spent an entire day shooting with my brother in-law - Jeff on his nearly 70 acres in Wichita and had just a blast! I set up the Dirty Harry stands with furring's on my sister's front porch with a IALEFI-QR target. My sister's two dogs wouldn't stop barking at the target believing it was real!

Moved the target down to some open acreage and started our shooting day. I dropped two 60 pound sand bags on the stand for stability and to protect the stands from any of Jeff's stray rounds.

By day's end, I believe I may have sold another set of Dirty Harry stands to my brother in-law! My wife wanted me to leave the stands but I said he can buy his own, these are coming back with me. Jeff was very interested in your stands so I passed your web address onto so he can order his own set.

You have an awesome product, well made, great attention to detail and beautifully finished!

When my law enforcement agency is in need of new stands, I'll likely be looking to purchase units for my agency from your business.

Lorne Rosand
Maplewood, MN

This one is for my son. He had a birthday a week ago and I thought this would be the perfect gift that would last a very long time. Thanks for your super fast response in shipping your target stand to your customers.

Loran Livingston
Woodland Park, CO

Clint, I would like to thank you for all the personal attention given to my order of (2) sets of Dirty Harry target holders. All to much today companies promise things they cannot deliver on. That was not the case here! On top of the top notch service the product was just as impressive. They were easy to set up/down, packed up easily and did not take up alot of storage space. Thanks for a great product.

Mark Coey, Firearms Instructor, MC Firearms Training
Butler, OH

Hi Clint:

I received the target stands on the day you promised. Thank you for the excellent customer service. You took the extra steps that makes it a pleasure to work with a company. I will highly recommend your business without hesitation.

101–120 of 220 Testimonials